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In this day and age, money is zipping around the world all the time. The planet has undoubtedly ‘gotten smaller’, thanks to the amazing influence of the internet and a host of other technological advances. These changes leave us not only with more ways to communicate long distances, to send money remittance and to travel; they also give us more interest in foreign cultures and more opportunity to work remotely.

A Digital Pangaea

Never before has it been possible to become a ‘digital nomad’ for instance. That’s someone who works entirely through a laptop and who can thus earn money from any country in the world so long as he has WiFi. Likewise, it’s never before been possible to type in the name of a country and to see countless beautiful pictures of it. And when you’re out there, you can receive funds from home and chat with your family on Skype.

In Europe, travel has also been encouraged by the European Union which has changed immigration policy to allow residents of all member states to move freely from one location to another. Meanwhile, a demand for skilled labor in many Western countries has led to more expats traveling to work and provide remittance for their family back home.

All these have increased travel, migration and trade. And it’s only likely to increase, as technology advances further and as communication breaks even more barriers, we will become closer to becoming a single global community. It’s safe to say now that we’re moving towards a ‘Digital Pangaea’.

So, Where’s My Money?

So where has all the remittances gone? Who is sending money where? And what does this tell us about the future of travel, money and migration?

If you check out this interactive infographic below, you can find out where money is most often sent as well as how the money is traveling across the world in a visual manner. The big recipients, it would seem, are India, China, Mexico, the Philippines, Nigeria, France, Egypt, Germany and Pakistan – with India and China surging ahead.

Incredible Infographic of Global Remittance

Sharemoney Makes Sending Funds Easier

With Sharemoney, we’ve provided one more way to transfer money that makes it swifter than ever before. We know that life can be hard when you’re away from home and that’s why we want to do everything we can to make it a little easier.

Sharemoney makes sending money fast, easy and safe. Not only do we offer low fees and great conversion rates, we also provide a ton of features to help keep your mind at ease and enable you to send and receive funds in a way that’s flexible to suit your needs.

Sending cash by bank account deposit for instance takes only 2 minutes in many cases – and with your contacts saved, you can do it at the click of a button. But beyond that, you can also send money physically from door to door using our delivery services.

All transactions can be tracked with a unique money transfer number (MTN) and our customer service ensures that your questions are answered quickly. We’re very excited to be able to play our role in a truly international future!

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