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Costa Rica is famous for its bustling biodiversity and beautiful natural landscapes. What’s more, it has a large number of national parks that attracts both tourists and locals alike. While Costa Rica is one of the most competitive countries in Latin America, and has advances and developments in technology, infrastructure and macroeconomic stability, a significant number of Costa Ricans still face the challenges of poverty and have to leave their home country to find better work opportunities in foreign countries, including the United States.

If you are working abroad due to financial constraints and/or want to build a better future for your family, it is normal for you to miss the loved ones you have left behind; you want to make them feel that you are there for them. In most cases, you will be out there learning about awesome ways to send money remittances to your loved ones back home. If this resonates with you, it is recommended that you consider using Sharemoney to send money to Costa Rica.

About Sharemoney

Sharemoney is an online money transfer platform that has been in the money transfer business for more than two decades. Costa Rica is one of the countries we serve and we make it extremely easy to send money from the United States to your loved ones back home. It is not only easy to send money back to your home country through our online money transfer services but affordable as well.

How Sharemoney Helps You Send Money Online to Costa Rica

You can easily and quickly send money online to Costa Rica through Sharemoney because we have built a large network of partner banks and it allows you to choose a cash pickup location in Costa Rica that is nearest to your loved one. In addition, you never have to look high and low for an online money remittance service that offers you the best rates.

You can be sure that Sharemoney offers greater convenience by helping you save both time and money. Because you can fund your transfer with either your debit card or credit card or bank account, you never have to leave your place of work to send money especially during emergencies. To ensure that sending money through our services is even easier, we have also prepared this How it Works page.

How to Use Sharemoney to Send Money to Costa Rica with Ease

We have an online registration form that you can use to register a free account with us. Once your identify is verified, you can initiate a money transfer transaction via our easy funding methods, which include:

  • Debit card: This is the most recommended funding method for online money transfers to Costa Rica. No delays and no additional expenses.
  • Credit card: This is the least recommended funding method as there are charges required by your credit card issuer since funding is akin to a cash advance on your card.

What’s more, your recipient can access our global website to find out about the latest fund status. All they need to do is enter the MTN. Sending money to your loved ones in Costa Rica is guaranteed to be fast and easy if you use Sharemoney. Try us today!

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