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Quito, founded by the Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century, is a sprawling metropolis filled with historical and cultural treasures. This capital city of Ecuador sits on the rolling foothills of the Andes Mountains. The city features an artful blend of indigenous and European architectural styles, museums and churches among other attractions too. There is plenty to do and see while in Quito. Some of the must-visit historical and modern attractions in Quito include:

La Compania de Jesus

If you love ancient history, you definitely have to visit La Compania de Jesus. This is an ancient church that was built over 160 years ago. The structure demonstrates the wealth of the powerful Jesuit order in the 16th century Ecuador. This impressive church is highly decorated with gold ornaments and it has 11 altars. The interior design is amazing with the wood carvings, elaborate mosaics, and gold leaf covering the surface of the towering nave. At the bottom of the high altar, lies the remains of Ecuador’s patron saint, Mariana de Jesús de Paredes.

Plaza Grande

The Plaza Grande holds a number of historic places like Ecuador’s oldest Catholic Church, the 16th century Cathedral of Quito and the presidential palace Carondelet. You can spend an entire day touring the Plaza Grande and still not exhaust all the attractions it has to offer. The main attraction at this venue is the Heroes de la Independencia, which stands at the center of the plaza to commemorate those who fought for Ecuador’s independence from Spain.


This is a modern attraction site that attracts thousands of visitors every year. TeleferiQo is an aerial tramway that whisks visitors to the peak of Cruz Loma from the city center. The entrance to the ride is located in VulQano amusement park, which is also a tourist site. This aerial tramway is recommended to people who don’t have the fear of heights. It only takes 10 minutes to ride the tramway to the top, but you get to enjoy the most spectacular site of Quito from an aerial view. Once at the top, there is a café where you can relax as you regain your bearings. Wear warm clothing for this adventure.

Plaza Foch

If you are looking for places to go at night in Quito, the Plaza Foch should be your first choice. This square is filled with eateries, nightclubs and dozens of bars. The diverse entertainment options in Plaza Foch attract young people who take the time to mingle with the locals. You can have fun all night long dancing to live music or enjoy the local cuisine prepared in one of the upscale restaurants in the square.

Parque La Carolina

For those who love to take part in physical activities, Parque La Carolina is Quito’s top spot for relaxation and recreation. This park is located in Quito’s CBD and it has been around for more than 7 decades. It is a huge attraction to both locals and tourists who come to enjoy the soccer fields, basketball courts, bike lanes and running tracks found in the park. You can also stroll along the Jardin Botanico to enjoy the large orchidarium that features more than 1,200 species of tropical flowers.

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