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The Internet has transformed the way we work, live, and communicate in many ways, both positively and negatively. Regardless of what impression it has made on you, one thing’s for sure is that it has made transferring money online from the United States to Arequipa cheap, easy, and fast. If you are planning to transfer money online to Arequipa, you have come to the right place. At Sharemoney, we strive to ensure you enjoy all the conveniences you have always wanted from making remittances. Let’s find out more about how we can help in this area.

About Arequipa

In Peru, Arequipa is the country’s largest city and capital. In addition, it is the second most commercialized and industrialized city in the country. Founded in Arequipa is home to several major tourist destinations. Most notably, the historic center of Arequipa – its cultural sites, natural scenery, and historic heritage draw large crowds every year. Arequipa has the largest workforce in Peru, which amounts to over 620,000 individuals. What’s more, large-scale mining is one of the major contributors to the city’s economy.

For many years, it is a common practice for many Arequipeños to carve out a career abroad because of varying passions, interests, and talents. If you are working in the United States, you must have wondered how to send money to your loved ones in Arequipa. Sharemoney is happy to help you answer that question.

Why Use Sharemoney for Money Transfers to Arequipa?

Since our inception, we have built an extensive network of trusted cash pickup services in the capital of Peru. Your loved ones can collect the money you have sent at companies such as Banco De Credito Del Peru, Elektra Peru, And Jet Peru S.a. In addition, the banks that can be used for deposits include Banco De Credito Del Peru and Jet Peru S.a. When you choose Sharemoney services, you can rest assured that we are one of the fastest and cheapest ways to send money to your loved ones in Arequipa from the U.S.

Did we mention yet that you and your recipient never have to worry about paying any other hidden fees once the money has been collected? Yes, that’s true and we even impose cheap rates – from as low as $4.99 – for each of our customers’ money transfer. We also allow you to send USD to SOL.

Another reason to use Sharemoney for your money transfers is the speed of initiating and completing a transaction. It can be as fast as a few minutes! If you are using Sharemoney for the first time, you just need to create a free account online with us to get started. With this account, you can make repeated or even scheduled transfers to the same recipient in Arequipa. Look out for our “QuickSend” button!

After sending the money to your recipient, simply provide them with the Money Transfer Number (MTN) and instruct them to enter it at our global website to monitor the status of the transfer.

Send Money Online to Arequipa now!

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