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Nigerians who are working abroad have made significant contributions to the country’s prospering economy. It was the 20th largest economy in the world, in 2015. One of the countries that Nigerians choose to work at is the United States. It is a common practice for them to also send money remittances to their loved ones in Nigeria.

At Sharemoney, we have built an extensive network of Nigerian banks, which includes the United Bank For Africa. If your loved ones own an account with this bank, they can use their accounts to receive money sent by you. Sharemoney has no shortage of Nigeria partner banks and you can choose a bank that is convenient for both you and your recipients.

If you are planning to transfer money online to United Bank For Africa, here are some useful tips to keep in mind:

About United Bank For Africa

Also known as UBA, United Bank for Africa is a Nigerian multinational financial institution. It is recognized as one of the African continent’s best banking groups. UBA is established in 1949 and has three global financial centers, in New York, Paris, and London. With 700 business offices globally, UBA has the ability to serve millions of customers annually. Some of its offerings include consumer banking, mobile banking, investment banking, savings accounts, treasury services and more.

Bank Swift Code: UNAFNGLAXXX

How to Initiate the Money Remittance Transaction

Registering a free account with us is the first step to initiating a money remittance transaction. Your account is designed to make sending money online to any banks Sharemoney has partnered with easy and convenient. As long as you provide us accurate information about yourself, the online registration process can be completed quickly. One of the benefits of having an account is that you can make use of our “Quick Send” feature. If you need to make money remittances to the same account on a monthly basis, you will be able to avoid filling up a new form every time you initiate a transaction.

Choose the Right Funding Option

At Sharemoney, we offer more than one funding option for your online money remittance transactions. If you feel more comfortable with paying via credit card, you need to keep in mind the extra fees that come with it. Sharemoney has to impose a low transaction fee from our end, and your credit card company will also charge another fee that corresponds to your transaction’s value. The second option involves paying through your bank account. This method requires you to go through the usual verification process. If you are looking for a more straightforward, convenient, and cheaper method, you can consider paying through your debit card. You can send money for as low as $3.99.

Send money remittance online to United Bank For Africa in Nigeria today and enjoy excellent USD to Naira exchange rates on the market!

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