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With the existence of computers and the internet, almost everything can be done conveniently online these days. You no longer have to waste time traveling from one place to another just to get errands done. Even when you are in two different parts of the world, you can always reach out to your loved ones with a few clicks of the mouse.

For example, you can now send money online to your loved ones from the United States to the Dominican Republic. Using Sharemoney, the online money transfer service on Omnex Group, Inc., everything will be very easy for you. One of the options is that your recipient has a bank account with Banco Vimenca. Sharemoney can help you to send money online to this bank fast and conveniently.

About Banco Vimenca

Banco Vimenca was established in the Dominican Republic during 2002 to meet the personalized financial needs of people in the country. As part of the many companies under the Vimenca Group, Banco Vimenca continues to provide the best product portfolios for avid consumers and prospects of the bank. Working on the values of discipline, loyalty and honesty, customers of the bank know that they can trust Banco Vimenca when it comes to the different financial products and services that the bank offers.

Bank Swift Code: VIMEDOSD

Sharemoney’s Money Transfer Services to the Dominican Republic

Apart from choosing to send money to our list of partner banks in the Dominican Republic like Banco Vimenca, you can also send money to your loved ones in the country using our cash pickup locations or through door-to-door delivery. This will give you flexible choices and add to that, your recipient will be able to receive the money at an exchange rate higher than what other money transfer services can offer. Our fees start at a minimum amount of only $3.99.

Creating an Account with Us

In order to enjoy our services, you have to sign up a FREE account with us. Creating an account is crucial in the entire process because this account is your gateway to doing transactions with us. We will verify your account accordingly and when you have filled up the form correctly, you will be able to do fast transactions on our platform. Do check for the accuracy of your entries before submitting your information so that you will not have to experience downtime for us to verify your account.

How do You Fund Your Transfers?

Funding your transfers is easy. As long as you have a bank account, a debit card or credit card, you are ready to send money. But of course it will be best if you are familiar as to how each funding method works before you finally choose what you will use for your present and future transactions with us. It will be wise to read our ‘How It Works’ page to find out more about this and to establish the differences between these funding methods.

An account with us, a bank account with Banco Vimenca and a funding source are all the things you need to be able to use our services. When you have all these elements, you can now notify your recipient regarding the transfer. He can then check our global Sharemoney website for more information.

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