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Knowing fully well that not everyone’s idea of the best places to travel will match another person’s, there does seem to be a trend of most visited, most popular, most researched, and so on as far as travel destinations in 2017 are concerned. Here is a handful of interesting, beautiful, fun, and adventuresome places to visit in the upcoming year. And keep in mind that even if you don’t go this year, it never hurts to plan ahead. Frequently, you can get better deals by planning far in advance, rather than waiting until the last minute when everyone else wants to go.


People have been traveling to the great White North for some 150 years now and Canadians, being Canadians after all, are more than happy to invite each and every one of you to venture into their territory and thoroughly enjoy all that it has to offer. And if your idea of a little slice of heaven is nature, by all means, hit the national parks in Canada. It is possible to get free entry to each and every one of them with a Discovery Pass – you need but to sign up for this free pass. After you’ve worked up an appetite hiking through the parks, remember that Montréal is quickly becoming a city known for its cuisine.


Now that it is not only allowable but fashionable to visit Cuba again, Americans are eagerly taking advantage. And whereas Havana is usually associated with being the happening spot, it is certainly not the only hotspot in Cuba. Cities that have been recently added to a number of airlines flight plans are as follows: Varadero, Cienfuegos, Camaguey, Holguin, and Santa Clara. Who knows what the future may bring. Better to visit now while you still can.


It’s funny how trends go, even when it applies to travel. What’s hot right now can be yesterday’s news by sundown. Not so long ago Iceland and South Africa were where travelers wanted to jet off to. These days, Scotland has people knocking down the travel agent’s doors. And unless you’ve got a lot of time to spare, you probably will see everything there is to see the first time around. Scotland is celebrating archaeology, heritage, and history this year (2017) so, particularly if you have family ties to this region, hop a nonstop flight from New York’s JFK to Edinburg and discover your roots.


Not to be missed this destination not only offers amazing cuisine but is just a quick overnight plane ride from Florida’s Miami airport. When people think of an affordable vacation, phenomenal wine, the world’s tastiest beef, and beaches for miles and miles they may not think of Uruguay. And that’s a shame because that’s exactly what you will find there. Are if you’ve been to or heard of Rio, picture a tidier, smaller version. That is what the seaside capital, Montevideo is like. If you enjoy a lovely bottle of wine stop into the renewable energy powered 205,000 square-foot winery called Bodega Garzón. And remember, the southern hemisphere celebrates summer in January. Just in time to rescue those looking to get away from the snow.

Buenos Aires

Art lovers rejoice! This year a citywide program jam-packed with culture will be the featured presentation in Buenos Aires as the international art world connects with local talent through a program entitled Art Basel Cities. Even the bars and restaurants are showing off their creativity and innovative style with places like Mishiguene for Jewish classics and one-of-a-kind cocktails at Atlántico.


If you’ve always wanted to go on wilderness Safari or visit a national volcano park, this is the place to be in 2017. The Bistar Lounge by Wilderness Safari celebrates their grand opening in June of this year and it is one of the most anticipated on the entire continent. Community development and commitment to conservation are what this area is all about. They protect endangered species rather than exploiting it (as with some of the luxury safari companies). Don’t be surprised if you get a taste of history, grass-roots art movements, and cosmopolitan food scenes to go along with your Safari.

If you run little short on cash while you’re globetrotting, send a quick message back home to send you some emergency funds. Tell your loved ones to visit, find out just how quick and easy it is to get money back in your pockets and get you back out on the trail to adventure!

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