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Lima is the largest and most populous city in Peru. Ranked as the second largest city in the Americas after Sao Paulo in Brazil. Set on the coast of the Atlantic and between three great rivers, Lima is beautiful and steeped in culture and tradition. This is a city that will stimulate your mind, your senses, and leave a lasting impression for your memories.

Things to See and Do

Here are things you can explore while enjoying the sights and sounds of Lima:

  • The Church of San Francisco is one of the best colonial churches in Lima. Built in 1600 and still in superb shape, the church features a spectacular dome as well as collections of ancient religious texts brought by the first generation of catholic priests from the ancient Incas. The church also features an impressive array of catacombs beneath the structure, which in the past were used as burial grounds.
  • Larco Museum boasts of a collection of artefacts stretching back 3,000 years. The museum also features the mummies from different South American cultures including the Incas.
  • If you are looking to see some ruins from an ancient South American civilization, you won’t have to go far to see some. One of the famous ruins in Lima is the Pucllana Temple with was a ceremonial center built around 500AD and fairly well preserved. Artefacts, including mummies are still being excavated from Pucllana Temple ruins.
  • Lima is known as the Garden City for a reason and no visit to Lima would be complete without a visit to the spectacular parks of El Malecon, which are situated on cliffs overlooking the Pacific. They are superb for biking, walking or simply just strolling along.
  • Magic water circuit is a beautiful water and light exhibition that features water shooting in the air to a background of light and music. It is a great place to relax and tale a memorable selfie.

Places to Eat

Lima has great culinary offering. Here are just a few of the places that will get your taste buds in overdrive

  • Astrid y Gaston will intrigue you with its spicy roast ribs and noble robado fish that come with miso sauce and crunchy oysters. The restaurant serves excellent indigenous dishes in a stylish and classy ambience.
  • The El Mercado features a canopy-covered patio with wooden chairs and print place mats. The restaurant has an earthy, common-man feel and even the menus are presented on workmen’s clipboards to add on to the ambience. Their specialty is seafood and they serve a delightful array of fish dishes.
  • The Malabar borrows heavily from the Amazonian culinary culture and offers excellent dishes that feature ingredient that originate (or are inspired) by the Amazon forest.
  • The “Witches of Cachichie” offer a rich variety of dishes including classical Peruvian dishes but specializes mostly in fish dishes.

Where to Stay

Lima offers a wide range of accommodation options to fit all types of tastes and budgets

  • Hostal Iquique is a budget hotel that offers a comfortable and pleasant stay at very affordable prices. The hotel features Wi-Fi, hot showers and comfortable rooms. All this is offered at under $30 per night.
  • If you have slightly more to spend on your accommodation, Hotel Continental Lima offers a little more luxury and comfort for you. Room prices start at slightly under $45 per night at the Hotel Continental.

All in all, Lima is a historic city that, in many ways, connects the past and the present in a seamless harmony. Beyond Lima, of course, awaits the rest of Peru with all its beauty and history. Make time and explore Lima and the rest of Peru. If you run out of travel funds in Peru, remember that you can get your loved ones in the United States send money online to Lima through Sharemoney so that you can make the most of your travel trip in this majestic destination.

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