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Dakar is the capital city of Senegal and a city that is rich in culture and tradition. This city of two million people can be hot and dusty but comes alive through music and a rich vibrant populace. It also offers a visitor an opportunity to explore the rich cultural diversity of this West African country of Senegal.

Things to See and Do

Here are the travel highlights to look out for when you are in Dakar:

  • The Village des arts is a famous art complex in Dakar that features paintings, photography and sculptures that bring the best of this art rich city. The large garden space that makes for the art gallery is a beautiful place to relax as you enjoy the art on display. Because the artists are often on site visitors can chat with them as they enjoy a cold drink in the gallery restaurant.
  • Originally built as a residence for governors, the presidential palace features beautiful gardens that visitors often come to take photos of. Entry to the palace itself is restricted although visitors have access to the beautiful garden.
  • The Musee Theodore Monod features over 9,000 exhibits and is easily one of the best museums in West Africa. From show masks to traditional dresses and artifacts from the region, the museum gives you a glimpse of the rich West African culture and all the influences that have shaped it over the years.
  • Visitors in Dakar can also visit the Layen Mausoleum that was built as shrine to the founder of the Layen Muslim Brotherhood. Beautiful and regal, it is set on the beach and welcomes visitors interested in learning more about the Layen Muslim brotherhood. Because it is a religious shrine, smoking and drinking are forbidden and visitors should ensure that they wear long skirts or trousers when visiting the shrine.

Places to Eat

Dakar is a great place to sample the culinary delights of West Africa. Here are some of the places you can eat out while in Dakar.

  • La Fourchette restaurant is a great place to eat out if you are looking to sample local dishes with a mix of specialties from other parts of the world. The ambience is great and the restaurant features a bar that plays local music and is open all days except Sundays.
  • For those looking for a more relaxed experience, the La Celebasse combines great local dishes with music and an African inspired ambience that makes for a delightful experience.

Where to Stay

Dakar, like many other cities offers a range of options for travelers. Here are some of the places you can stay in while visiting Dakar.

  • For those looking for budget accommodation, the Ibis Dakar is a simple, clean and comfortable place to stay at very affordable prices ranging around $50 for a single room.
  • If you are looking for more luxurious options, you should consider the Radisson Blu Dakar that offers an infinity pool and is every inch a 5-star hotel.

All in all, Dakar is a wonderful place to explore the rich West African culture. From local cuisine to clothing and everything in between, Dakar will make an unforgettable destination for you. Remember that Sharemoney gives you the ability to send money safely and conveniently from the United States to Dakar so if you have loved ones in Dakar, let them know you care by sending them a remittance today!

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