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Sending money to Vietnam to help out your loved ones is fairly easy nowadays, due to the availability of the different money transfer services that you can find online. Like many things in life, not all service providers are reliable and some will even charge you higher fees than you have expected. If you want a fast, cheap, and reliable service when remitting money to the ones you love, you can simply choose Sharemoney. We have partnered with Le Gởi Tiền Lẹ to deliver funds in a matter of minutes to your loved ones!

About Le Gởi Tiền Lẹ

Send money to Vietnam with Le Goi Tien Le

Le Gởi Tiền Lẹ is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to making money transfers to Vietnam. The company operates as a subsidiary of the Omnex Group and was established in 1999.  It serves over 64 provinces in Vietnam via the home delivery option. The beneficiaries of our money remittance service no longer need to spend time travelling to pick up the cash as Le Gởi Tiền Lẹ uses payers to deliver funds to your recipients instead.

Sending Money to Vietnam via Sharemoney

Sending Money to Vietnam via Sharemoney

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Sharemoney is offering you convenient ways to send money to your loved ones in Vietnam. Among the options to do so is through their accounts with our partner banks, such as Le Goi Tien Le. Another popular method is through our cash pickup option. There’s another handy route you can take which is home delivery. This option is favored by those who do not have bank accounts and do not have the luxury of time to visit cash pickup locations to claim the remittance funds. Our partnership with Le Goi Tien Le allows us to deliver money to various provinces in Vietnam such as Thai Binh, An Giang and Dong Nai.


Why Choose Sharemoney?

So, why should you choose Sharemoney over other service providers? Choosing Sharemoney means cheap money transfer fees and a promise of faster delivery than any other online money transfer service provider can offer. Our fees start from $2.99 with no other extra charges for your loved ones when claiming their money remittance. If you choose home delivery as an option, the money will be sent to your loved ones in Vietnam in less than 24 hours.

Easy Money Transfers to Vietnam with Sharemoney and Le Gởi Tiền Lẹ

We accept various payment options to fund your money transfers to Vietnam using Le Gởi Tiền Lẹ. You can choose to use your very own bank account to facilitate the transfer. We need to verify your account first though before the transfer can be processed. If you have a credit card, you can also make use of it to fund the remittance. This will most likely involve an additional charge that you will need to pay to your credit card company later on. To ease your burden, we suggest that you make use of your debit card instead.

Also, remember to utilize the corresponding Money Transfer Number or MTN that comes with your transaction. This can be used to check the money’s whereabouts. Do tell your recipients in Vietnam to use the Sharemoney’s global website to enjoy the use of this feature!

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