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Giromex is committed to helping you send money abroad to different countries. Specifically, Giromex can now be used for sending money to Mexico, Central America, Vietnam and many other countries. Giromex is very proud to offer our new online service, Sharemoney, which makes it possible to send money quickly, conveniently and safely online.

What is Giromex?

Giromex money transferGiromex is part of Omnex Group, Inc. and is the premier provider when it comes to money transfers in Central America and Mexico. It is well known for great customer service, ease of use, great exchange rates, low fees and a large network of partners. What this means is that many Mexican and Central American migrants in the US can use their services for sending money abroad and this makes it possible for them to work hard in the US while supporting their loved ones back home.

What is Sharemoney?

Sharemoney money transferAs a new member of the Omnex Group which has been working in the realm of money transfers for over 20 years now, Sharemoney has close ties with Giromex and serves as its online arm, now making it even easier to send money from the US to specific foreign countries.

Sharemoney is an online web service that you can access right from your browser which we designed to make life easier for expats living in the US and hoping to transfer money back home. This way, you can send money back to support your family and to help them cope in your absence, to show them that you’re thinking of them with a monetary gift or even to pay bills and fees that you have outstanding back home.

Sharemoney is a logical next step for Giromex and we feel privileged to be able to leverage technology in this way to help make life easier for countless workers living abroad. To achieve this goal, we’ve given Sharemoney a vast number of great features and have worked hard to make everything as simple and straightforward as possible

Lots of Benefits to Gain

The large number of features and flexible options is just one of the major benefits of using Sharemoney through Giromex. Additionally, you’ll also get to benefit from incredibly low fees (as little as $2.99) and one of the lowest currency conversion rates around. We don’t charge the recipient anything either, so they can get their money without having to pay any additional fee.

For all these reasons, more and more people are now starting to choose Sharemoney as a fast, secure and affordable way to send money abroad. This way, you can get funds to your family as though you were there in person with no need to wait, and no need to pay through the nose!

Giromex has been helping people to send money abroad for many years and now is enabling them to do so online with a wider range of services and even more benefits to gain. Sending money online has become a breeze – sometimes as easily as making a few simple clicks!

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