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At Sharemoney, we believe that our customers do not need to wait several days, weeks, or months to successfully transfer cash. We have developed a system that allows our valued customers to send money online within the same day. If you are looking for a fast, easy, and cheap way to transfer quick cash from the United States to your loved ones in San Pedro Sula, then you are in luck! You will be able to enjoy a high level of convenience when you make a remittance via Sharemoney.

An Introduction to San Pedro Sula

Founded in the 1530s, San Pedro Sula is the second-largest city located in Honduras has a tropical savanna climate. The city is also situated in the middle of an important agricultural area that produces livestock, cassava, sweet potatoes, corn, rice, and sugarcane for domestic consumption. What’s more, San Pedro Sula is a distributing, financial, and commercial center for Western and Northern Honduras. Barrio El Benque is known as the business district and is located in the southwest portion of the city.

Transfer Quick Cash to San Pedro Sula via Sharemoney

The first option is transfer quick cash to one of our trusted cash pickup providers. Your options include:

  • Banco De Occidente
  • Banrural
  • Elektra – Banco Azteca
  • Cofradia
  • Autobanco Barandillas
  • Punto Azteca Satelite
  • Aeropuerto
  • Banco Azteca – Elektra Nichita 6ta. Ave.
  • Autobanco Monumento A La Madre
  • Central De Abastos
  • La Antorcha Satelite
  • Supermercado Junior
  • Tercera Avenida Norte
  • Banco Azteca – Elektra Nichita 5ta. Ave.
  • Centro De Servicios Circunvalación Barrio Suyapa

As we have also partnered with a wide range of reputable banks, you can transfer cash to your family members in San Pedro Sula via our bank deposit solutions as well. This means that you can send money directly into your loved one’s bank account. Oftentimes, the process requires 15 to 30 minutes for completion.

How Sharemoney Can Help with Money Transfers to the City

Why are Sharemoney’s remittance solutions cheap and fast? You will find out soon enough. Since our inception, many Hondurans have been sending money from the United States. We are aware of their pain points and thus use that information to constantly improved our services and offerings.

  • The convenient QuickSend feature: We are a convenient choice because of how fast our valued customers take to initiate and complete a transaction. Before you begin, you are only required to create a free account with us. Simply fill up a simple form with accurate information about yourself and you are good to go. This account comes with a QuickSend feature. You will be able to repeatedly transfer cash to the same recipient in San Pedro Sula.
  • Only pay a low rate starting at $4.99: Sharemoney does not charge exorbitantly high fees for online money transfers. Our customers only need to pay a low rate that starts from less than $5. What’s more, you do not need to worry about exchange rates. You can send USD to San Pedro Sula!
  • Our hassle-free money tracker: Did your recipient asked you about the progress of the transfer? Send him or her the Money Transfer Number (MTN) and instruct them to enter the MTN at our global website.

Start Leveraging on Sharemoney’s Expertise

Before you start using Sharemoney’s services, it is recommended that you learn how our system works. We have prepared a How It Works page, which can be read at your own convenience. If you need a quick reference, you can always look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

Transfer Quick Cash to San Pedro Sula Today!

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