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Sharemoney, the online money transfer service on Omnex Group, Inc., has always made it a point to feature the best options when it comes to sending money to your loved ones back home. In Southeast Asia, we have partnered with countries like Vietnam. For this country, you get to enjoy a host of delivery methods that will help facilitate the money transfer perfectly.

Among our delivery methods in Vietnam include cash pickup, home delivery and bank deposit. For bank deposits, we have partnered with some of the major banks in Vietnam like VietcomBank, AgriBank, and BIDV. Also included in the list is VietinBank. If your loved ones have an account with VietinBank and you want to use Sharemoney to transfer money online to them, here is what you should know:

About VietinBank

Offering financial services to the Vietnamese people since 1988, VietinBank has continued to grow its business with its tag line “Improving the Values of Life”. Through the years, it has gained many partnership opportunities with other  well-known brands in Vietnam thus making it a bank that creates a lasting impression in the country. This bank offers a host of financial and banking products, including savings accounts, checking accounts, credit cards, loans, and more.

Bank Swift Code:  ICBVVNVX


Sharemoney’s Money Transfer Services to Vietnam

Sharemoney has opened its gates to more countries and we have never hesitated to include Vietnam on our list because many migrant workers in the United States reign from this part of Southeast Asia. We make it really simple and hassle-free for you to send money remittances back home. Well, how about sending money to Vietnam right in the comfort of your own home? On the top right portion of our webpage, you will find a sign-up button where your journey to transferring money online starts.

Upon clicking this button, you will come across a sign-up form. After you have provided us with pertinent information, this will help us facilitate the verification of your account. Once you have used your account to fund a transfer, you can use back the same setting in the future to fund money transfers to the same recipient.

Funding Your VietinBank Transfer

We encourage you to choose your debit card since this is the cheapest and easiest way to send money to a VietinBank account. You or your recipient will not be charged an extra fee for using this option, apart from the standard fee starting from $2.99.

Are you ready to enjoy the convenience of sending money to VietinBank today using Sharemoney? We assure you that your money will reach your loved ones quickly, securely, and easily. What’s more, our currency exchange rates are one of the best in the remittance industry so you can get to save precious money when you send money to VietinBank via our remittance platform!

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