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Nigeria is recognized for its prospering economy. In recent years, it was considered to have the 20th largest economy in the world. Also known as the Giant of Africa, a major part of Nigeria’s economic growth came from the overall wealth that Nigerians accumulated while working abroad. For many years, it has been a common practice for Nigerians to pursue their careers abroad, particularly in the United States.

One of the challenges they face often involves transferring money back home to their loved ones. In the past, these transfers entailed a long and possibly complex process. But things are different now. Sending remittances to Nigeria got easier thanks to the availability of online platforms. At Sharemoney, we are a trusted platform that many Nigerians use for transferring money to Keystone Bank in Nigeria. Let’s find out more!

About Keystone Bank

Previously known as Platinumhabib Bank, Keystone Bank is a commercial bank that offers a wide variety of banking solutions. It is currently owned by the Sigma Golf River Bank Consortium, after a 2017 acquisition from AMCON. Keystone Bank Limited acquired its commercial banking license in 2011 and presented itself as a successor bank to the Bank PHB. Today, Keystone manages more than 150 branches, as well as one local insurance company and two international subsidiaries. These subsidiaries include KBL Insurance, Sierra Leone, and Global Bank Liberia.

Bank Swift Code: PLNINGLA

Sharemoney is the Partner You can Trust for Money Remittances to Nigeria

Since our inception, our company has successfully built an extensive network of Nigerian banks, Keystone Bank included. You can utilize our online solutions to transfer money to your loved ones back in Nigeria with ease. While bank deposits are currently the main delivery method Sharemoney has to the said country, there is no shortage of banks to choose from. This makes money remittance a task that is hassle-free for both you and your recipients.

How to Initiate Your Money Remittance Transaction

The first step you need to take before initiating a money remittance transaction is to register a free account with us. Your personal account is designed to allow you to send cash to any banks Sharemoney has partnered with. This online registration process is simple and takes up only a few minutes of your time. You just have to ensure that all details entered are 100% accurate. When we have verified your identity, you can start transferring money to Nigerian banks with ease.

Choosing the Right Funding Option for Your Needs

Sharemoney offers several funding options for our users’ online money remittance transactions. Our popular funding option is the debit card. The process is straightforward and charges cheap rates. The second option is to fund your transfers with your bank account. The method requires you to go through the usual verification process. Lastly, we have the credit card method. If you choose to fund the transfer with it, do note that your credit card company will charge you a fee that corresponds to your transaction.

Send money remittance online to Keystone Bank in Nigeria today and enjoy excellent USD to Naira exchange rates on the market!

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