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Nigeria is a key regional player in West Africa with a population of over 180 million people. It is not only a culturally diverse and multi-ethnic society. Nigeria is home to an abundance of resources, including natural gas reserves. As Africa’s biggest oil exporter, Nigeria’s GDP grew at an average rate of 5.7 percent annually between 2006 and 2016.

If you are Nigerian and currently working in the United States, you had, in most cases, attempted transferring money to your loved ones in Nigeria. Have you tried using Sharemoney for such tasks? Let’s find out why it is easy to send money online to Standard Chartered Bank through us.

About Standard Chartered Bank

The Bank of West Africa and the Standard Bank of South Africa merged in 1965. They acquired various businesses including a pioneering banking operation in Nigeria. After re-entering the country in 1999, Standard Chartered Bank opened to customers as a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank Plc. Today, the bank in Nigeria operates about 35 branches as well as an ultra-modern Nigeria Head Office that was opened in 2014. Some of the services that the bank caters to wealth management, retail banking, corporate banking, and more.

Bank Swift Code: SCBLNGLA

Transferring Money to Nigeria via Sharemoney

When you transfer money to your loved ones in Nigeria via Sharemoney, you have the option to choose reputable banks we have partnered with. This includes Standard Chartered Bank. The process is quick and can usually be completed within 15 minutes.

How to Start a Transfer

Before a transfer can proceed, you are required to create an account with us first. This step is recommended as it allows you to send money online to the same recipients with greater ease. Do allow a short waiting time while we verify transactions that are happening for the first time. Other than that, you can expect everything to run smoothly.

Fund the Money Transfer in Three Ways

You can fund your online money transfers to a Standard Chartered Bank account via the following methods:

  • Debit Card: This option allows you to save on verification time and avoid paying unnecessary fees from a credit card issuer. If you own a debit card, it is recommended that you go for this funding option.
  • Credit Card: Are you a frequent credit card user? No worries. We accept credit card payments too. However, you will need to pay a $3.99 minimum fee and an additional one that corresponds to the transfer. The latter is charged by your credit card company.
  • Bank Deposit: The third option is to perform a direct bank deposit. However, this entails a verification process. Your money will be sent to the recipient within 24 hours after your transaction is verified.

Start using Sharemoney today to experience and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind when it comes to sending money to one’s loved ones in Nigeria. Need to check the ongoing status of your transfer? Simply head to our global website and enter the Money Transfer Number (MTN)!

Send Money to Nigeria via Standard Chartered Bank Now!

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