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Reaching out to your loved ones in the Dominican Republic when you are working in the US comes in many forms. Often, you need to communicate with them just to know that they are doing fine. You also might need to send money to them. You may be wondering how you can do that conveniently without leaving your place of work. Well, Sharemoney, a service of Omnex Group, Inc., offers a fairly simple solution for you. All you need to do is choose from among the major banks we have partnered with. One such bank is BanReservas.

About BanReservas

BanReservas, otherwise known as the Reserve Bank of the Dominican Republic, was formed in 1941 in addition to the three banks that have already been doing business in the country. During those times, several branches were opened in prominent cities in the country like Santo Domingo, Barahona, La Vega, Santiago and Puerto Plata. Now, it has over 250 offices to its name and is continuing to provide services to people who need not only savings and loan accounts but also tax services.

Bank Swift Code: BRRDDOSD

Sharemeoney’s Money Transfer Services to the Dominican Republic

Sharemoney understands how hard you have worked for your money and how much you want your loved ones in the Dominican Republic to benefit from it. Our online money transfer platform delivers the promise of making money transfer easy. We offer three delivery methods to the Dominican Republic namely through bank deposit, cash pickup and door-to-door delivery. If your loved ones abroad has a bank account with any of our partner banks in the Dominican Republic like that of BanReservas, then you can make the money transfer through Sharemoney. Your loved ones will receive the cash in no time.

How to Enjoy Our Money Transfer Services

In order to enjoy our money transfer services, all you need to do is start creating an account with us especially if it is your first time. You can do so by simply filling up the online form that we have in our website. In this form, you will be required to provide your personal information which we will use strictly for the verification of your account only. When we have verified your account using your email address or phone number, you can start sending money to your loved one’s BanReservas account.

You Have Varied Payment Options

One of the most crucial things you need to have in order to send money to your loved ones who have a BanReservas account is to choose the proper payment option. If you have a credit card, you can certainly use our services. Take note though that you will need to pay an additional charge to your credit card company, aside from the $3.99 charge that you will pay for your money transfer.

In order to do away with additional cost, you still have two options to take. One is paying through your own bank account which we will verify for first time users. This can mean additional waiting time before we can process your transfer. The next money transfers will not be as difficult as the first time though since you can use the same bank account to fund your remittance. For those of you who do not want to wait that long, you can always choose to use your debit card.

Why spend some time going to a local money transfer agent or pay more just to get your remittance facilitated when you have a cheaper and faster option in Sharemoney? Let your loved ones in the Dominican Republic enjoy the fruits of your labor without much hassle through our services!

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