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Living in the US away from your loved ones in the Dominican Republic can be very difficult. Often, the only way you can reach out to your friends and family is through social media. But of course, some of you take things a notch higher, that is, to make sure your loved ones abroad enjoy a portion of the fruits of your labor.

When considering sending money online to your loved ones to the Dominican Republic, you have Sharemoney to render you cheap and fast assistance. We are a stellar choice for sending money online from the US to other countries worldwide, the Dominican Republic included. As proof to that, we have partnered with Banco del Progresso, one of Dominican Republic’s major banks.

About Banco del Progresso

Banco del Progresso is one of the top banks in the Dominican Republic which have changed banking history in the country. This bank has paved the way to introducing multiple banking services for clients. It started its operations in 1984 and since then, it has continued to offer banking clients with the latest financial offerings by adapting itself to serve the needs of its ever growing number of customers. To date, it has almost 60 branches nationwide and has 169 ATMs serving its clientele.

Bank Swift Code: BDPRDOSD

Sharemoney and Transferring Money Online to the Dominican Republic

Sharemoney’s online platform has revolutionized the way you can send money online to your loved ones in the Dominican Republic. With a rate that starts from $3.99 for your money transfer transactions, your loved ones in the country will be able to receive cash (converted to DOP at a competitive exchange rate) in a matter of minutes. Choose from a variety of delivery methods to the Dominican Republic, bank transfer included.

How to Transfer Money Online to Banco del Progresso

Banco del Progresso, as mentioned, is listed among the major banks we have partnered with in the Dominican Republic. This allows you to send money to a Banco del Progresso account through Sharemoney. Choosing this option will allow your recipient to receive cash in as little as 15 minutes.

In order for you and your recipient to enjoy fast money remittance services, you must create an account with us. All you need to do is fill up the online form to facilitate not just your transaction at present but all others you will make in the future. Once you have signed up, you can start enjoying various Sharemoney’s money transfer features.

Funding Your Money Transfer

You can choose from among three payment options to fund your transfer. Firstly, you can use your own bank account. This will require verification for first-timers and can take up to three days for processing. All future transfers can be within 24 hours, should you choose to use your bank account. If your loved one needs the money fast, you can choose to use either your debit or credit card. Take note though that using your credit card will incur you additional charges which are collected by your credit card company.

Send money to your loved ones in the Dominican Republic now to a Banco del Progress bank account!

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