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Gone were the days when you used to have a hard time sending money to your loved ones in Brazil from the United States. With an online platform like Sharemoney, you no longer have to worry about how slow and how expensive the transfer will cost. Your loved ones will never have to be charged another fee again just to get hold of the money you sent them. Yes, Sharemoney promises convenience for you and your recipient! In order to facilitate your transactions even more, it has partnered with many banks in Brazil, Banco Bradesco included.

About Banco Bradesco

Banco Bradesco was founded in Brazil in 1943. Back then it targeted government employees, small landowners and retailers to form its client base. Throughout its years of existence and with its ever-growing financial profile, it was able to acquire several banks all over the country. With over 4,600 branches to its name, Bradesco remained as one of the largest banks in the country up to these days.

Bank swift code: BBDEBRSP

Understanding how Sharemoney Works when Transferring Money to Brazil

Sharemoney has always made things easier these days for those of us in the United States who want to send money to our loved ones in Brazil. You simply need to fund your transactions using your bank account or your credit card, or debit card. You can send money directly to your recipient’s bank account in the country. Just make sure it is one of our partner banks in Brazil like Banco Bradesco.

Create an Account with us to Start Your Transaction

We encourage you to create an account with us if you want your money to reach your recipient. For those of you who have an existing account with Sharemoney, you can simply log into your account and use the ‘QuickSend’ button to send money to your loved ones in Brazil. For first-timers, you will need to select the country you want to send money to and once the ‘Send Now’ button appears, simply click on it. Fill up the form on the screen with information needed in initiating the transfer.

You Have Varied Payment Options

We have mentioned these options earlier: one is through your bank account and tou will be required to key in correct account information to help facilitate the transfer. Your bank account will be verified in this case and your recipient then may need to wait up to three days to receive the money you have sent through your bank account.

For faster transactions, you can choose to use your credit or debit card. Take note though that you will be incurring additional charges on top of your credit card bill if you choose to use this to fund your transfer. To avoid those fees, you should use your debit card. Not only does this option add zero coats to the standard Sharemoney rates, this will also guarantee faster processing of your transactions.

Other Things to Remember when Transferring Money to Brazil

Sharemoney charges a fee starting from $3.99 for your transaction. This can change depending on how much you are going to send. Also, please give your recipient the corresponding Money Transfer Number or MTN for your transaction so he or she can check the status of the money through our global website.

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