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Nigeria is worthy to be called the Giant of Africa, owing to the fact that it has a large population and a prospering economy through the years. Being the 20th largest economy in the world in 2015, a big portion of its growth comes from the wealth accumulated by Nigerians who have ventured abroad to work.

Nigerians who work abroad, especially in the United States, will truly love the idea of sending money back home to their loved ones. Sending remittances to Nigeria through different online platforms is now even made more convenient by services like those that we offer at Sharemoney. If you plan to transfer money online to First Bank of Nigeria through us, here are things you should remember:

About First Bank of Nigeria

The name of this bank itself will tell you that it is the first bank in Nigeria. True enough, the institution which was established in 1894 is still existing up to now and is continuing to serve its clients with the desire to serve those who are in need of banking services in and outside the country. Now, it has hundreds of branches to its name all over Nigeria, thus making it easier to reach out to various people all over the nation.

Bank Swift Code: FBNINGLA

Sharemoney and How We Help You Send Money Online to Nigeria

Using Sharemoney to send money to your loved ones in Nigeria can be done using the various banks we have partnered with, which includes the First Bank of Nigeria.  At the moment, this is the only delivery method we have to the said country. The good thing is we have partnered with plenty of banks in the country thus helping facilitate the transfer.

Where and How to Start the Transfer

The first thing you should do when you want to transfer money online to First Bank of Nigeria or to other banks Sharemoney has partnered with is to register an account with us. Our online registration form is easy to comprehend with. We will use this form to verify your identity and to facilitate your present and future transactions. Due to the verification process, initial money transfers may take up to a few days to facilitate. There is nothing to worry about, however, since you can be sure that future transactions with the same account information will take a shorter time depending of course on when you are sending the money.

How to Fund Your Transfers

Another thing you should remember when wanting to transfer money online to Nigeria is the funding option you should make use of. If you are looking for a more convenient and cheaper choice, using your debit card is a recommended alternative. A second option is available too, that is, through your credit card. Take note though that you will be charged by your credit card company a fee corresponding to your transaction. This is aside from the fee of $3.99 which we will charge you.

Let your loved ones enjoy the money you have worked hard for. Send Money to Nigeria now via the Bank of Nigeria and your recipients will be able to receive the cash while enjoying excellent exchange rate from USD to Naira!

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