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The economy of Nigeria is ranked as the 21st largest economy in the world. It has a mixed economy and sectors such as entertainment, technology, financial are undergoing considerable amounts of expansion. Also known as a major exporter of oil, it however produces only less than 3% of the world’s supply. However, the country has slipped into recession and diversifying the Nigerian economy won’t be quick. With fears arising that many careers will be affected, a significant amount of the country’s population has chosen to live and work abroad, in countries such as the United States.

Are you one of these Nigerians currently working in the US? If so, you must have thought about remitting money to your loved ones in Nigeria. With Sharemoney, you can transfer money online to Nigeria through Diamond Bank. The experience of transferring money with us is as easy as ABC!

About Diamond Bank

Officially known as Diamond Bank Plc, Diamond Bank is a reputable Nigerian retail bank. It is one of the fastest growing banks in Nigeria, and the bank offers a wide range of banking products and services. The bank was founded in 1990, and began as a private limited liability company. Today, it is headquartered in Lagos, and operates more than 200 branches in the country.

Bank Swift Code: DBLNNGLA

Transferring Money to Diamond Bank via Sharemoney

When you need to send money to your loved ones in Nigeria through Sharemoney, you can rest assured knowing that we have partnered with various banks in the country, Diamond Bank included. If you or your loved ones have not opened an account with this bank, don’t worry, we are also working with convenient cash pickup locations.

How to Transfer Money to Diamond Bank

It all begins with an account registration. During the registration process, you only need to key in the needed info in our online application form. An account is vital when sending money through Sharemoney as it will make completing future transactions easier and quicker. If this is your first time signing up with and transferring money via Sharemoney, we require three days to verify your account and process your request to send the remittance to Nigeria. Once these tasks are done, everything will run smoothly afterwards.

Funding Methods for Money Transfers

When it comes to transferring money to a loved one’s account with Diamond Bank, you can use the following three options:

  • Debit Card: First, this is highly recommended because you can avoid paying unnecessary fees from a credit card issuer. In addition, the verification time is lesser. If you want to send money within minutes, this is currently the fastest method you can use to fund your money transaction.
  • Credit Card: Second option to consider for funding your transfer with us is using your credit card. It’s important to note that apart from the minimum fee of $4.99 we are charging for your money transaction, your credit card issuer may impose an additional fee as well.
  • Bank Deposit: Your account has to be verified during each bank deposit and this takes time. What’s more, the time taken for the money to reach your recipient is longer.

Send Money to Nigeria via Diamond Bank Now!

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