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Why waste so much time surfing the internet to find out ways on how you can easily transfer money online to your loved ones in the Dominican Republic if you have an assured option readily at your fingertips? Why bother waiting for your queue in a remittance center or inside a bank when you can do the transfer right at the convenience of your own home? Thanks to Sharemoney, the online money transfer service on Omnex Group, Inc., you no longer have to take the longer route when it comes to remittances.

Sharemoney has added several countries to its list that you, as migrant workers in the US, can send money to. If you have a loved one in the Dominican Republic who has an account with BHD or Banco BHD Leon, we can help to facilitate the transfer. Find out more right here in this post!

About Banco BHD Leon

Banco BHD Leon has been offering financial services to consumers since 1972. It is Dominican Republic’s first commercial bank and is currently the second largest private bank in the country, and sixth largest in Central America. With thousands of employees serving the needs of the public, the bank has continued to grow its products and services. To date, it has over 100 branches with more than 500 ATMs nationwide.

Bank Swift Code: BCBHDOSD

Sharemoney’s Money Transfer Services to the Dominican Republic

Ever expanding our business, Sharemoney has chosen the Dominican Republic as one of the countries we serve. To allow flexibility in remittance options, our customers can choose from different delivery methods to the Dominican Republic, namely bank transfer, cash pickup or door-to-door delivery. Depending on which is the most convenient option for you and your recipient, you can easily transfer money to your loved ones in the Dominican Republic.

Sending Money to a BHD Bank Account

We encourage you to browse through our pages and read our FAQ section to learn more about how our services work. You can always start with that and from there, you can sign up an account with us. Take note that we do not charge anything for opening an account.

Once your account has been verified, you can send money to a BHD bank account. Indicate the amount and your recipient will be able to receive the money in Dominican Peso at an exchange rate higher than those offered by other online money transfer platforms.

Funding the BHD Transfer

If you are wondering how you can fund your transfer to this bank account, you have three choices. One is through your verified US bank account. Another is through your debit card. The third one is through your credit card. Your credit card issuers will however treat the funding like it would treat a cash advance. Expect to pay an additional charge that will be billed in your next credit card statement. That’s why the recommended option for funding your money transfers is through the use of a debit card, which also happens to have a short processing time.

As long as you provide the information we need in the sign-up process correctly and you have an available funding option, transferring money online to BHD in the Dominican Republic can be a fast, cheap, and easy affair. If you need more information about our services, feel free to talk to one of our multi-lingual customer service representatives today.

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