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A vibrant country, Honduras prides itself on continuous economic growth through the recent years. With an average of 7% economic growth per year (regarded as the highest in Latin America), this signals many great opportunities for the citizens of the country. Many Hondurans are working overseas today, helping their country maintain the economic growth.

As a Honduran, if you are currently working in the United States, it is sure that you have tried remitting money to your loved ones in Honduras. Try Sharemoney and experience how easy it is to transfer money online through Banco de Occidente.

About Banco de Occidente

A bank founded on September 1, 1951, Banco de Occidente in Honduras started with about a hundred thousand lempiras as capital. It took about 20 years before it expanded its banking network. In 1971, added an agency in San Pedro Sula City and in 1975, it also opened a branch in Tegucipalga. To date, Banco de Occidente has 170 branches nationwide.

Bank Swift Code: BOCCHNTE

Transferring Money to Honduras via Sharemoney

When sending money to your loved ones in Honduras through Sharemoney, you have the option to choose from the various banks we have partnered with, including Banco de Occidente. However, for those of you whose loved ones have not opened an account with any of these banks, there are cash pickup locations we are working with.

How to Start a Transfer

You need to first create your account with us. Every piece of information you key-in through our online application form is vital in facilitating your transaction plus you can use this account to repeat or make new future transactions with us. We will make necessary verifications if it is your first time transferring money, thus expect that it can take up to three days to send the remittance to Honduras but once your account has been verified, everything else will run smoothly, especially for your future money transfers.

Fund the Money Transfer in Three Ways

Funding the online money transfer to a bank account with Banco de Occidente can be done using the following three options:

  • Bank Deposit. Your account information will be verified when this is the case. Once verified, money can be sent within 24 hours depending of course on the time of the day with which you sent it.
  • Credit Card. This is one of the choices you can use to fund your transfer with us. You have to take note though that apart from the $4.99 minimum fee we are charging for your transaction, your credit card company will bill you with an additional fee corresponding to the transfer. This will mean more cost for you from your credit card issuer.
  • Debit Card. To save on verification time and to avoid unnecessary fees from a credit card issuer, we recommend that you use your debit card if you have any. This is one of the FASTEST methods of funding your money transaction, helping you send money within minutes.

Experience how convenient it is to transfer money to your loved ones in the Honduras by using Sharemoney. Your recipient can also use our global website to track the remittance if you give them the Money Transfer Number (MTN).

Send Money to Honduras via Banco de Occidente Now!

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