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A unique country situated in South America, Bolivia has a developing economy with a poverty level of 53%. Because of its current financial stature, its citizens are always looking for better ways to improve their ways of living. That is why a significant portion of its working population has sought better work opportunities abroad, including the United States.

Perhaps, one of your concerns when you are from Bolivia and working in the US is how you can send money to your loved ones back in your home country. Actually, it is not only just that. It can also extend to the fact that you are looking for easy and affordable means while doing so. Learn why Sharemoney is an excellent choice you have when it comes to making convenient and cheap money remittance to Bolivia.

About Sharemoney

At Sharemoney, we only offer what is beneficial to our clients when it comes to sending money from the US to their home countries. By partnering with banks, cash pickup locations, and door-to-door money delivery services, your recipients will be able to enjoy your money remittance at a fraction of the cost that you will spend elsewhere. We also aim to reduce the time delivery period so that your family members or friends will be able to use the money for their specific purposes fast – whether it is an emergency or not.

Our Money Transfer Services are Convenient

We make things easier for you and your loved ones in Bolivia by making sure that they get access to the cash you are sending even if they do not have an account with any of the major banks in Bolivia. With that in mind, we have chosen cash pickup locations to deliver the money to your loved ones. Among the companies we have worked with in this regard are:

  • Cambio Caceres
  • More Money Transfer S.A.
  • Trans Express

Enjoy all these choices by simply registering a free account with us where you can choose your funding option (through your US bank account, debit card or credit card) and by making sure you provide all the necessary information that we need to verify your identity.

Our Money Transfer Services are Affordable

Before starting Sharemoney, we have already taken note of the many complaints that online money transfer service users have been talking about through the years. We recognize the fact that you may have been burdened by the high fees you have to pay for every transaction. Add to that, your loved ones may not even be receiving the amount you have sent in full as there’s a deduction made on their side.

Because we want to do more to support the different communities, we make sure that you only have to pay a small fee starting from only $4.99 when sending money to your loved ones in Bolivia. We do not deduct any additional cost from the amount you are sending that is why if you have transferred $400, your loved ones will receive the same amount. All in all, Sharemoney makes transferring money to your loved ones in Bolivia a whole lot easier and cheaper. Try our services to see the difference!

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