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Sharemoney has provided a great opportunity for people in the US to send money to countries such as the Dominican Republic, Brazil, the Philippines and Vietnam. With our host of money transfer services, your loved ones will now be able to receive remittances from you. Do you know that you can utilize our platform and transfer money to Vietnam… right to the doorsteps? Yes, it’s possible!

Change the Site’s Language to Vietnamese

What makes Sharemoney a great money transfer site is the fact that you can change the language from English, the default language, to your language, in this case, Vietnamese. You can locate such an option at the upper right hand corner of the webpage. Using the dropdown menu, you will see Vietnamese at the lower portion among all choices. Click that and the page will be automatically translated to the Vietnamese language.

The Convenience of Using Sharemoney’s Services

Sharemoney offers you a lot of conveniences as you create a free account with us. Once you have verified your details, phone number and email address, you are ready to enjoy the conveniences of easy money transfers. What makes it even a more convenient choice is the fact that you can send money to any of your relatives or loved ones anywhere in Vietnam. Yes, Sharemoney delivers money to your loved ones, regardless whether they are in Hanoi or Saigon, or Nam Dinh Province or Can Tho, or even Hai Phong. Door-to-door delivery in Vietnam can be opted for when you are choosing your fund delivery mode during the transaction.

Sharemoney’s Services at Affordable Rates

One of the primary reasons for you to use Sharemoney to send money to your relatives in Vietnam, apart from the fact that it is a convenient choice and that you can use Vietnamese as your language, is the fact that it charges you low rates for your remittance transactions. In fact, our rates start from only $2.99. You can also be sure that your recipient will receive the money without paying for any other fees when they receive the money.

Send Money Fast to Vietnam through Sharemoney

Once your source of funding is verified and your transaction is completed, your recipient will be able to enjoy the money delivered right to their doorsteps under 24 hours if they are located in a bigger Vietnamese city and under 48 hours if they are located in a more remote location. When sending money to the same recipient the next time, all you need to do is use the QuickSend button to facilitate your transaction, making it even faster to kick start the money delivery process. We can send to ANY home address in Vietnam if you opt for our door-to-door delivery service.

To guarantee peace of mind for both the sender and the recipient, you can make use of the Money Transfer Number or MTN tracker to track the latest status of the funds. That way, you can always know the exact location of your funds and your recipients can also use this tracker to pre-empt the arrival of the money to their doorsteps.

Send money to Vietnam now with Sharemoney!

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