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Do you have loved ones living in the Philippines while you strike out a career in the United States? We understand that many of our clients want continue providing financial support to their family and friends, and that’s why we aim to make it fast, easy, and cheap to transfer money online. If you want to learn more about our reliable Sharemoney money transfer services and how you can track the status of your money transfer to the Philippines, then you are in the right place.

Why Choose Sharemoney for Online Money Transfer to the Philippines?

Being part of the Omnex Group, Inc., we have an effective way of making sure that your recipients in the Philippines can receive your money in a short amount of time. Not only do we have a keen sense of urgency, we understand that rates matters as well and that’s why we only charge a minimal fee that starts at $3.99 for each transaction. Compared to other businesses, our rates are competitive. Another issue that you do not have to worry about is your recipients having to pay extra fees when claiming the money you have sent.

Understanding Our Delivery Methods in the Philippines

Sharemoney can perform home delivery of funds to the metro areas and rural areas of the Philippines. This delivery method often requires a lead time of between six to 24 hours. Whether your loved one is living in Silay or Batangas City, we can help!

If you are considering depositing the funds directly into your recipient’s bank account. Our team can make that happen. You may be pleased to know that some of the active banks we are working with for the bank deposit method include Asia United Bank, Banco De Oro, Citibank, Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corp (HSBC), and many more.

Does your recipient prefer to receive the transfer in cash? Try out our stellar cash pickup solution. Your recipient can pickup their cash from names such as BDO, Cebuana Lhuillier, and M Lhuillier.

Before you get started, it is recommended that you create an account with us. This is a free account registration and it allows you to send money online to specific recipients without subjecting you to repeated verification processes. Look out for our “Quick Send” button!

Tracking Your Sharemoney Transfer to the Philippines

If you have already utilized the money transfer services of our site, it is a good time to inform your loved ones in the Philippines that you have sent them the money they need. Simply instruct him or her to visit our global website and enter the Money Transfer Number (MTN) that was provided upon transaction completion. If you encounter any technical difficulties while using Sharemoney Money Tracker, do not hesitate to bring the matter up to our customer service representatives.

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