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You are currently working in the United States and plan to send money back to your loved ones in Mexico. Great news! You do not have to travel down to a physical remittance outlet to do it. At Sharemoney, you will be able to facilitate your money transfer to Mexico online. If you are looking for a partner you can trust for your money transfer needs, look no further than Sharemoney!

Why Choose Sharemoney to Transfer Money to Mexico?

Since our inception, Sharemoney continually strives to make sure your recipients in Mexico can receive your money in a swift time frame. When you choose our services, we value your trust and we keep your money safe and secure by partnering with reputable financial institutions in both the U.S. and Mexico. Next, our platform only charges a low fee starting at $3.99 for your transactions. Apart from the competitive rates we offer, we do not charge any hidden or extra fees before or after the intended recipient takes hold of the money you have sent.

Sharemoney’s Money Delivery Options in Mexico

If you are planning to make a money transfer to your loved ones in Mexico, there are two available delivery options to choose from. The first option is our Mexico partner banks. You can choose to transfer money via reputable banks such as Bancomer Bbva, Banorte, and La Red De La Gente Bansefi. In most cases, our bank deposit delivery method only requires about 15 minutes to complete. Next, you can also opt for the cash pickup locations that we have partnered with in Mexico. Your choices include Bancoppel, Elektra, Famsa, ISSEG, Soriana, Telecom De Mexico, and more!

Initiating a Money Transfer via Sharemoney

To make your current and future transactions more convenient, it is recommended that you create your free account with us. You are only required to complete an online registration form and go through a short verification process. When you provide us your email address and phone number, you must ensure that these details are up to date. Once the account registration process is over, you can enjoy using our services without any hassle.

How to Track Your Sharemoney Transfer to Mexico

Are you wondering whether Sharemoney provides any functions that allow your loved ones in Mexico to track the money you have sent them? The answer is yes! Since our transfers often take a few minutes to process (the actual duration depends on your choice of delivery option and funding method), you will be able to inform the intended recipient almost right away.

To find out the current status of the transfer, simply head to Sharemoney’s Money Tracker portal and enter the Money Transfer Number (MTN). You will get the MTN once your transfer has been made. Alternatively, you and your recipient can also head to our global website to track the money.

Start using Sharemoney today and let us make your money transfers to Mexico easy and simple!

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