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Sharemoney is a powerful, secure and convenient tool for anyone wanting to send money back home while living in the US. If your family lives in Brazil then you’ll be able to quickly and easily send money back for them. What’s more, you’ll be able to send monetary gifts for friends, to help in a crisis, or buy from a Brazilian based retailer that only accepts local currency.

At Sharemoney, we understand that it can be a nerve-racking process to send money abroad, especially the first time you do it. Our job is to make your life easier,  so we’ve gone to great lengths to make the process secure, straightforward and safe.

To ensure that you’re never left worrying about your cash, we’ve made it very easy to track your payments when you send money to Brazil.

How to Track Your Money

In many cases, tracking money sent to Brazil won’t even be necessary. Transfers sent directly to a bank account can often be completed in as little as 2 minutes. That way, all you’ll need to do to ensure that the money went through safely is call up your family in Brazil and ask them to check their account. In the time it takes them to pick up the phone, your money will have already gone through!

Of course, there are instances where your money transfer will take longer to complete such as the first time you are using our services. In this case, your transaction will only be completed when your phone number and payment source are verified and no additional verification is needed.

The other instance when your money transfer will take longer to complete is when you pay for it with your bank account in the United States. Any transfer that is funded by the bank account payment method might take up to three days to complete as security checks have to be performed. We recommend using your credit or debit card to avoid this delay.

To put your mind at rest, we have provided every user with a unique Money Transfer Number or ‘MTN’. All you have to do to check on the status of your payment is to head to our global site or use our Money Tracker page, type in that number and then get a status update. Both you and your recipient can access this feature and it ensures you’re never left in any doubt as to where your money transfer is.

Send Money to Brazil Safely and Affordably With Sharemoney

This is just one of the powerful features that Sharemoney offers to help make your life a little bit easier. When you use our services to send money abroad, you’ll also be taking advantage of our great exchange rates and tiny fees. The ‘QuickSend’ option makes it easy to send money to repeat recipients that you have saved in your account with a single click.

For safe money remittance to Brazil, you can always trust Sharemoney!

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