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Remesas Dominicanas is a money exchange company which has been established in 1984. Its main objective is to make distribution of remittances a whole lot easier in the Dominican Republic. Its current network comprises more than 150 locations all over the country with names such as Banco ADEMI and BHD Bank included in its list.

Currently, it is one of Sharemoney’s cash pickup service partners in the Dominican Republic. Wonder how you can track your Ramesas Domincanas transfer with Sharemoney Money Tracker? It’s really easy to do the tracking so read on!

Using Sharemoney for Ramesas Dominicanas Transfers

As one of Sharemoney’s cash pickup service partners in the Dominican Republic, your loved ones can now claim your remittances to them through Ramesas Dominicanas. They can simply drop by any of its 150 locations in the country. From there, they can start using the money transfer for any intended purpose – whether to pay school tuition, to buy medicine or to do a home renovation.

The Time Taken for Cash Pickup Delivery with Sharemoney

If it is your first time to use Sharemoney’s services for the purpose of transferring money via Ramesas Dominicanas, you will be required to fill up a form and create an account online. From there, you will need to verify your account information, including your information so that your money transfer can be sent to your recipient. If you are going to use your bank account to fund the transaction, it will normally take up to three days to get verified.

For your future remittances, everything will be a whole lot simpler especially if you are sending money to the same recipient through the same method. In fact, it will only take a few minutes to process the transaction. That means your recipient can actually head to a Ramesas Dominicanas cash pickup location to claim the money within minutes after you have completed the transaction!

Tracking Your Ramesas Dominicanas Transfer through Sharemoney Money Tracker

Opening your free account with Sharemoney will allow you to enjoy the full range of services that we bring. Among features that will make tracking your Ramesas Dominicanas transfer a whole lot easier is our money tracker. This is actually that feature you can use for tracking your money’s whereabouts.

The money tracker is a service that you and your recipient can make use of. You simply have to key in the Money Tracking Number (MTN) in the corresponding MTN tracker box. From there, click on the ‘Track’ button and the page will show real time information about your funds.

The money tracker feature is actually our way of showing you that your remittance using Ramesas Dominicanas is safe and secure. Your recipient can also do a similar check on their own. Just simply instruct your recipient to go Sharemoney’s global site and find the money tracker. Ask them to key in the MTN on the said box. Once your recipient has checked the latest update about the funds, and know that the funds have been processed and are ready for pickup at any Ramesas Dominicanas location, he or she can proceed to claim the money right away.

We make sending money through cash pickup services really easy with Ramesas Dominicanas. Use Sharemoney today and enjoy the ease of our remittance services!

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