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Banco de Oro or BDO is widely recognized as the largest bank in the Philippines. Owned by the SM Group of Companies, this bank has continued to be one of the leaders in the banking industry within the Philippines. BDO also has a strong international presence in many foreign countries.

Its strong commitment to finding ways to serve its clients better makes it one of the preferred bank partners that Sharemoney works with for money transfers to the Philippines. Here is how you can easily track your BDO transfer with Sharemoney’s Money Tracker!


How to Claim a Remittance When Using Sharemoney for Money Transfer to BDO?

As Sharemoney’s main bank partner in the Philippines, BDO can be used in two ways to claim a remittance. One is through cash pickup where your recipient can visit an accredited Sharemoney BDO branch to pick up the money you have sent. Another is through direct bank deposit to a BDO bank account. For this particular method, your recipient may also visit any BDO bank branch to claim the money transfer you have made.

How Much Time Does It Take To Send Money to BDO in the Philippines?

If you are using Sharemoney’s service for the first time, whether you want to select the BDO cash pick-up method or the bank deposit method, money will only be released once your phone number and account information has been verified.

When you send money with us again, it will only take a few minutes to authorize a cash pick-up or bank deposit. If you are using your bank account to fund the transaction, verification may take up to three days and once it is verified, your recipient will be able to claim the money with the BDO in a matter of minutes.

How to Track Your BDO Transfer Through Sharemoney Money Tracker?

Once you have a free account with Sharemoney, you can start enjoying our services. One of the services we offer is our money tracker which lets you or your recipient check the status of your BDO transfer, regardless of which delivery option you have selected.

screenshot of sharemoney money tracker

The money tracker, as the name implies, is an easy way to track where your money is at the moment. As the sender, you can make use of the Money Transfer Number (MTN) to key it in the MTN tracker box and click on the ‘Track’ button.

The good thing about using our money tracker is that you can be sure your money is safe and secure while in transit. Additionally, your recipient can also use it by going to Sharemoney’s global site. 

As the sender, you should remember to provide the MTN to your beneficiary so they will be able to track their BDO transfer on their own. Once your recipient sees that the money has already reached BDO, they can pick it up or withdraw the money from the bank account accordingly.

Sharemoney is, without doubt, one of the fastest and most secure ways to send money to your loved ones in the Philippines through BDO. Make use of our money tracker today!

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