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Are you currently working in the United States and have loved ones living in the Dominican Republic? If the answer is yes, chances are you want your family and friends to enjoy the monetary rewards from your hard work. One of the easiest ways is to take advantage of Sharemoney transfer services. If you are planning to send money online through Sharemoney, here’s how you can track the money transfer status:

Tracking your Sharemoney Transfer to the Dominican Republic

When you use the money transfer services of our website, you can inform your recipient in the Dominican Republic that you have sent them the money they need. Oftentimes, transfers only take a few minutes to process and become official. However, the duration still depends on your choice of delivery option and funding method.

With that in mind, you can use Sharemoney’s Money Transfer Number (MTN) whenever you wish to check that the money is ready for pickup and delivery or has already been entered into a bank account. The MTN can be used by both you and your loved ones for tracking purposes. Simply head to our global website to check where the money is at the moment.

Why Choose Sharemoney to Send Money Online to the Dominican Republic?

At Sharemoney, we continually strive to ensure that your recipients in the Dominican Republic will receive your money quickly. As we only impose a low fee starting at $3.99 for your transactions, you are enjoying the cheaper option when it comes to sending money online. You can rest assured that our rates are very competitive within the industry. Best of all, you never have to deal with any hidden and extra charges when sending money to your loved ones in the Dominican Republic. Yes, they will be able to claim the money you have sent without needing to pay any additional fees!

How to Initiate a Money Transfer with Sharemoney

Our website is so easy to use that you will get the hang of it in no time. Simply initiate a money transfer transaction by creating an account with us. Once your online registration form has been completed, you just need to wait briefly for account verification. It won’t be long before you can start sending money. Your email address and phone number are two important types of information we need from you so ensure that they are updated and accurate. After your account has been verified, you can enjoy using our services without any hassle.

Our Delivery Options in the Dominican Republic

At Sharemoney, we offer quick delivery to all major cities in the Dominican Republic. The cities that we serve include Santo Domingo, San Felipe de Puerto Plata, Los Alcarrizos, and more. If your loved one, who is claiming the money you have sent, fancies our cash pickup method, some of their options include Caribe Express, Remesas Dominicanas, and more. Alternatively, you choose to deposit the money directly into your recipient’s bank account. This method can often be completed within 15 minutes. Participating banks include Asociacion Bonao, Asociacion Duarte, Asociacion Maguana, Banco Del Progreso, Banco Popular, Scotiabank, and more.

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