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Uruguay is in South America and borders Argentina and Brazil. Peaceful and progressive, it is considered among the most democratically stable countries in Latin America. Beyond this, Uruguay is a melting pot with a culture that is strongly influenced by its south European roots. There is a lot to see across its 176,000 square meters of land. Here are some of the great places that you should visit on your next trip to Uruguay.

Colonia del Sacramento

This is a historic city that at different points in time was controlled by the Portuguese and the Spanish. These two European powers left strong cultural marks in the city that are very visible when you take a tour of the city. Although now modernized, the old quarter still features building and landmarks from several centuries ago. Because of this, tourists visiting the city feel like they are stepping into a time machine back that takes them back in time. Such is the historical significance of Colonia del Sacramento that UNIESCO declared it a world heritage site.

Hot Springs Of Salto and Paysandú

Want to take a soak in naturally-heated water? Visit Salto and Paysandú and relax in these refreshing hot springs. Because the water is also pure and full of healthy minerals, drinking water from the hot springs is a great way to revitalize your body as well.

Salto del Penitente

If mountain climbing is your thing, the Salto del Penitente region offers you all the thrills that you could possibly wish for. From horse riding to hiking along mountain trails surrounded by breathtaking scenery, the mountains of Salto del Penitente are great for the outdoor adventurer.

Pan de Azúcar

This is a hill in Maldonado region that is home to a wildlife reserve with numerous native species of wildlife. Fancy a game drive with a hike and a spot of mountain climbing? Pan de Azúcar is the place you want to head for that.

Teatro Solís

The Teatro Solis is a beautiful theatre in the city of Ciudad Vieja that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. This cultural center is beautifully adorned with old décor that has survived the ravages of time over a century. When you are done visiting the Teatro Solis, take a walk through the beautiful city that is a study in urban planning. With beautiful parks, stunning architecture and a bountiful of sights, the city of Ciudad Vieja will take your breath away.

Mercado del Puerto

Once a simple market, the Mercado del Puerto is now a sprawling space full of shops, restaurants and street markets. If you want to immerse yourself in modern Uruguayan culture, this is the place to be. You will find contemporary Uruguayan music, amazing culinary delights and fashionable clothing. If you fancy a memento, pop into the Mercado del Puerto during the weekend when they have an artisan market and buy some cool artifacts.

Laguna de Castillo

This area features the fresh water Lake Castillo that is great spot for fishing. A short boat ride away on the lake is Ombu Mount which its unique flora that includes hollow shrub-like trees that are gigantic.

These are just a few of great destinations you can visit in Uruguay. Whatever you fancy, Uruguay will have something for you. Remember that Sharemoney offers safe and fast money remittance services to Uruguay. Send money to loved ones in Uruguay through Sharemoney today and they can pick it up in any one of our numerous cash pickup locations across Uruguay.

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