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Are you considering a move to South America in the near future? Have you thought about Columbia? There are some amazing cities in Colombia worth checking out. Read on to find out more about top cities in Columbia so that you can be prepared when it comes time for a temporary or permanent move.

You can choose your climate when living in Columbia. It’s cooler the higher in altitude you go. Be sure to brush up on your Spanish if you intend to do any communicating. It also will come in handy when dealing with transportation, buying clothing, finding shelter, inquiring about the best food, etc. There are lots of friendly people here but find out a little bit about their heritage before you go in order to have a full appreciation of their way of life.

Santa Marta, Colombia

Over 450,000 people live here on this Caribbean coast. It’s kind of a well-kept secret, Santa Marta. With the most extraordinary beaches around, you’ll want to take your time checking out the area. Additionally, there are high coastal mountain ranges that will take your breath away. It is well known as a great place to retire.

Barranquilla, Columbia

This Caribbean coast port city is famous for a massive carnival. More than 2.3 million people populate Barranquilla, and for good reason. It’s heavenly! It’s not all that humid and generally has a nice breeze. More comfortable weather is hard to find – especially in the Caribbean. If you like restaurants, extraordinary nightlife, and spending time outside, this is the place to be. Transportation, medical care, and infrastructure all are good. Particularly in the north, this area is growing and bustling.

Cali, Columbia

Fresh meat and produce (in fact, most foods) are inexpensive and plentiful here. If you have young children, there is an extremely safe area of the city where the school is located. The valley’s air quality is not bad, but not great either. Humidity and heat do get trapped here, as does smog, occasionally. That said, however, there are malls for shopping, and right now the dollar is strong against the peso in Columbia. If you like Christmas – check out all of their decorations. Most impressive!

Medellin, Columbia

No longer is dangerous today as it used to be, and the nightlife scene here is thriving. Over 3.5 million people love city living in Medellin. The air quality can be questionable on certain days and the traffic a bit hairy. But with 65° at night and 75° during the day, you can’t ask for a much better climate. People here are helpful and friendly, and the infrastructure here is good – equal to the United States.

Pereira, Columbia

If you’ve considered moving to Bogota, you may want to look here first. The cost-of-living is far less here (by a good half or at least 1/3). In this city in the Andes foothills, more than 500,000 people abide. It is a growing center for commerce and trade. Driving from one end of the city to the other takes approximately 30 minutes and there are easily accessible street festivals, theaters, museums, and more. Taxi rides are available, but the bus service is good.

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