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The country of Chile has a vast array of cities, climates, and scenery. It is a long, thin strip of land on the southwestern shore of South America along the Pacific Ocean. From glaciers and deserts, to beaches, mountains, and islands, this is a wonderful vacation destination as well as the perfect place to settle down. Read on to learn more about the top cities in Chile.


The largest city in Chile, as well as its capital, Santiago has nearly seven million residents. Located in the central part of the country, it boasts of winding streets and neoclassical architecture. The Andes Mountains can be seen from downtown and the Mapocho River, and vineyards surround the outskirts.

Santiago is the financial, political, and cultural center and the headquarters of many businesses and multinational corporations. The strong economy of the area has attracted people from around the world with its growing restaurant and theater scene, suburban areas, and dozens of shopping centers.


Also located in the center of the country, Valparaiso is the second largest city in Chile. A major seaport, it is considered to be the educational center hosting seven universities and vocational colleges, Chile’s first public library, and the oldest Spanish language newspaper.

In addition, the city has attracted cultural entrepreneurs and artists who have set up their studios in the hillside historic districts. While it continues to be a major port for copper, fruit, and container traffic, Valparaiso is growing as a tourist destination for cruise ships during the summer months. The metropolis exudes Chilean culture with its street musicians, artists, and yearly festivals.


This city is part of one of the most industrialized regions in the nation and is near the mouth of the Biobio River. Concepcion has a significant impact on domestic trade and is about 500 miles south of Santiago. This area is also known as the “center of Chilean rock”, because many musicians and rock bands have had their start here. Its music scene, art, and social conscience draws many young adults from other places in South America and around the world. This gives the city a very youthful vibe.

The weather is typically mild due to the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean. Temperatures rarely fall below freezing in the winter or exceed 86 degrees in the summer. It is similar in climate to San Francisco, California.

La Serena

Located in northern Chile, La Serena is the country’s second oldest city. It is an important tourist destination due to its sandy beaches. With fewer than 250,00 residents, the entire town fits on ocean terraces and small hills and valleys. Areas surrounding the city are used for growing avocados, oranges, and chirimoyas with some forests of eucalyptus trees.


A port city, 700 miles north of Santiago, Antofagasta has a population of 402,000. The main industry for the area is copper mining, as well as nitrate and iodine. There has also been steady growth in tourism and hotels, building construction, and retail.

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