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Are you looking for a way to communicate with your family back in Vietnam?

At Sharemoney, we are proud to offer a convenient, powerful, flexible, affordable and secure way to send cash from the US. If you have family living in Vietnam, then you’ll be able to quickly sign up and log in, then enter your recipient’s details and hit send. That way, you’ll be able to send cash with very low fees, great conversion rates and nothing to pay on the recipient’s end.

What’s more, we also pride ourselves on being incredibly versatile ensuring that there are tons of different delivery methods. You can even send cash and collect it from one of our pick-up points or have it delivered to their door!

By using Sharemoney to make money transfers to Vietnam, you can support your loved ones back home, show you’re thinking of them and help them to deal with financial burdens that perhaps they are struggling with without your help.

But money is only one part of the equation. Just as important is being able to stay in regular contact with those you love and being able to send messages just as easily as if you were there with them. Below then are five great text messaging services that let you send messages abroad without paying huge fees for the privilege.



Jaxtr is a website with a free SMS service supporting 38 different counties. It lets you send short messages up to 65 characters, runs right in the browser and has a neatly organized website. They also have an app which makes life even easier as it lets you send free messages from your smartphone (as long as you have and Internet connection).


There was a time that Gmail had its own SMS service. Sadly that option seems to have disappeared but by using the plugin for Chrome, you can once again send SMS messages conveniently from your Gmail inbox. Best of all, all your contacts are already in there!


Okay, so this one isn’t exactly the most fancy sounding (or looking) website – but it does the trick. Unlike Jaxtr, SendSMSNow lets you send unlimited messages and receive responses too.


This isn’t a website but an app. It’s also probably the best app when it comes to chatting without using your phone data. Chat over WiFi or 3/4G and send big images, videos, sound files and more whenever you want to.


Better yet, why not go a step further and use Skype? If you want to use Skype through the browser you can but you can also use it through desktop software or an app. You can also use Skype to make calls, meaning you can speak to your loved ones in Vietnam without spending tons on data. Your loved ones don’t have Skype? Not a problem – Skype actually has a texting feature which is highly convenient and lets you send international SMS messages right from your computer.

Oh and a special mention should go to Facebook! Facebook has a built in messenger tool now that appears as ‘chat heads’ over your phone’s home screen. Like WhatsApp, this isn’t strictly SMS… it’s simply better!

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