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Being the 8th largest in the world in terms of land size, this multicultural country features a variety of European cultures and has over time recreated its own unique way of living. This is the reason why many people will easily associate Argentina with tango and football. Because it had been colonized by the British, the French, the Spanish and the Italians, the country has been influenced greatly by almost all corners of the planet except the Far East, and this is clearly manifested through the famous festivals it celebrates throughout the year. Let’s have a look at some of the top festivals in Argentina which are celebrated in grandiose ways:

Tango Buenos Aires Festival

Bringing in close to half a million tourists, the city of Buenos Aires goes into hyper mode every August, as it hosts the world to the largest Tango festival on earth. In August, couples gear up to thousands of competitions around the city while novice dancers have the chance to learn how to tango like the pros. Professionals all over the world fight for prizes and trophies, as the whole city is entertained with exciting Tango moves.

Cosquín Folk Festival

In Argentina, January and February are the busiest months when it comes to celebrations by the locals in Cosquín, with all genres of Folklore dances and songs being celebrated. The common musical tunes and dance of the ‘Cacerera’ and the ‘Chamame’ are featured commonly in the festival, as the nine-day event is also crowned with various local cuisines on offer.

Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia

Vendimia is organized in the month of March, where the grape farmers welcome the world to Mendoza. During this festival, the people have a fun time as they celebrate the formation of grapes to wine, after a year-long wait of tirelessly working on the vineyards. This celebration was first initialized in 1963, and has since grown to accommodate shows and concerts, which feature unique servings of wine. The celebration lasts an entire week so if you love wine, you really can’t miss this festival!


The main event of this great festival takes place in Gualeguaychu. However, the fame of The Carnival sparks excitement all over the country, so at this time of the year, you can easily spot mini versions of the same event all over Argentina. This Catholic festival culminates with a climax of a four-day celebration, crowned with a parade of song and dance at the end of February. Though it cannot match the famous Carnival atmosphere in Rio de Janerio, the festival has its own unique appeal where locals celebrate this 2-day national holiday.

Oktoberfest Festival of Beer

Hailing from Germany, the Argentinean version of the Oktoberfest is a weekend-long festival celebrating German beer. The festival takes place in Villa General Belgrano, in the hilly region near Cordoba. This city was founded by the Germans and was chosen to be the venue of the October 12th (usually this date, give and take) festival. The event takes place annually in the city’s beer garden and hosts a great number of brewers, ready to showcase their carefully selected products for potential clients and party people. In addition, those with German heritage will prepare varieties of traditional foods as a way of celebrating their origins.

Whatever time of the year you find yourself in Argentina, there is always a reason to make merry and experience a festive mood here. If you are an Argentinean, it might also be a good time to send money remittance back to your loved ones during these festivals in Argentina. If so, remember to use Sharemoney for sending money online to Argentina!


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