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Sandwiched between Argentina and Brazil, it is not a surprise that Uruguay has received little notice when it comes to travel reputation. However, the good news that things have started to change in the recent past. More and more travelers are going off the beaten path and changing their focus to the smallest country in South America, Uruguay. Here’s a look at some of the best travel attractions that await you in Uruguay:

Punta Del Diablo

The backpacker scene in Punta Del Diablo is simply buzzing, especially when the summer months roll in. It’s a summer getaway destination that is gaining recognition in recent years, and many young travelers flock here to experience a simple beach life in this rustic village. The natural scenery here is still pretty much unspoiled at the moment so you should certainly come here before it gets on the mainstream tourist trail.


When you talk about Uruguay, it’s hard not to talk about Montevideo in the same breath. This is the capital of the country, where nearly 50% of all Uruguayans stay. Considering most capitals in the world, Montevideo is actually a really tiny one, since it measures only 20 kilometers from west to east. But don’t judge it on its size; you can find quirky tango bars, newly built shopping malls, art deco buildings, and more in Montevideo. The best way to describe a stay in Montevideo is a cultural buffet and you will be seeing the transition of the old into the new as you explore the city.

Punta Del Este

If Punta Del Diablo is a tad boring for you, then you need to head to Punta Del Este where the beach action is simply the best in the entire Uruguay. The nightlife is bustling here so it’s a mixture of wild partying and sun-tanning that you can expect at this travel destination. You will also find many luxury hotels and resorts here coupled with many glitzy restaurants that are best for deep filled pockets. If you love to go celebrity spotting, then Punta Del Este will not let you down, as many well- known personalities have made Punta Del Este their summer vacation haven.

Colonia Del Sacramento

Before Montevideo rises into prominence, Colonia Del Sacramento was the face of Uruguay. Today, this city still has lots to offer, especially if you prefer a historical look at Uruguay. Many buildings here are still preserved in their original states and because Colonia Del Sacramento is situated next to the river, you can enjoy stunning riverside views as you explore the cobbled streets.

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