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Today, all of us want affordable housing while not compromising the level of comfort we are used to. The unpredictability of the real estate market means that what is affordable today may not be affordable tomorrow – or vice versa. There are organizations that will assist individuals in finding affordable housing, but they involve any amount of paperwork and not everyone qualifies. And because of the recent developments in the United States government, some or all of these organizations may be in peril.

Just a word to the wise – don’t be afraid to go through a realtor. They know where the deals are and how to find them. They can also make sure that everything is on the up and up, legally. Many individuals dealing in real estate today speak foreign languages and frequently, their fees will be paid out of the seller’s profits.

What About the Loan?

There are various types of loans (both government and non-government subsidized) for individuals wishing to buy homes. Again, lots of paperwork is involved, and they are not available to everyone. And the thing about loans is that eventually, they are going to need to be repaid (with interest). Loans are not free.

Where Are the Most Affordable Homes Located?

An Internet search using terms from any of the headings below could offer enough information on each to make your search for affordable housing quicker and easier. Reportedly, the most affordable housing markets in the United States today are as follows:

  • Aiken South, Carolina
  • Madison, Alabama
  • Saginaw, Michigan
  • Sullivan, Tennessee
  • Aiken, Michigan
  • Rock Island, Illinois
  • Trumbull, Ohio
  • Wayne, Michigan.

These would all be good places to start looking for that affordable home.

Special Housing for Special Individuals

With people in the United States living longer, more housing is needed for those 55 and older. Depending on the state in which you look, many affordable opportunities for those 55 and older do exist. Some of these housing opportunities even offer specialized care.

Affordable Housing for Veterans

If you have served in any branch of the military, you may be able to find affordable housing through channels involving either government or non-government funded programs for veterans. A number of these organizations also offer rent assistance.

Should You Check into Government Housing?

Whereas this is an individual choice, it is certainly not a choice for every individual. Living conditions vary in government housing projects, largely dependent upon the residents but also greatly influenced by the landlord/property caretaker. The struggle to improve these areas seems never-ending and not particularly successful in any number of neighborhoods.

Do desirable government funded housing opportunities exist? Undoubtedly. Finding them is a struggle in itself, and since you’re already struggling to look for affordable housing, many individuals may wish to avoid this option.

As a final note, though there are many positive aspects of life in the big city, if you are indeed looking for affordable housing, you may want to consider living outside the big city. You can then save more money which can be used to send money remittance back home to your loved ones. Even a short commute could be well worth the savings you will experience by living just outside the city limits.

It is, in fact, astounding how much of a price difference there can be between houses that are similar but one is located just outside the city limits. Yes, it makes for a little bit of a drive to work and to any big city attractions that you may visit on a regular basis. The fact is, however, serious savings can be realized in this manner.

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