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Are you from the Dominican Republic but currently working in the US? Do you want to send money to your loved ones back home? Well, you just need to keep a few things in mind when you do so. Considering the hard work you put for every buck you earn, you will surely want your loved ones to receive the money you send them without much deduction from the actual amount you intend to transfer. The good thing is that there’s a great solution you can find in Sharemoney!

Why Use Sharemoney to Send Money to the Dominican Republic?

Sharemoney has established itself well in the niche of money transfers. We are highly focused on helping migrant workers like you to send money back home at a cheaper cost. In fact, Sharemoney is cheaper than many of the money transfer providers out there.

With a transfer fee starting from $2.99, your recipient can use that much-needed cash for any emergency or for any other purpose with which they can use the money for. With these low rates come our competitive exchange rates that offer a guarantee your loved one will get the amount at its highest Dominican Peso equivalent.

Another reason is the fact that it is easy for your loved ones to receive their money by getting it from any of Sharemoney’s partner banks in the Dominican Republic. Among such banks are Banco del Reservas, Scotia Bank, Banco Caribe, Banco Leon, Banco Vimenca and Banco Popular. You can check our site for a complete list of our partner banks in the Dominican Republic which are accepting Sharemoney remittances. We also have other delivery options such as door-to-door delivery and cash pickup.

Sending Money to the Dominican Republic is Easy!

It is really easy to send money to the Dominican Republic when you use Sharemoney. Here are a few highlights you should know:

  • Opening an account with Sharemoney is a must. Once you have signed up for an account with us, it will make it easier for you to send money for future transactions. The registration form only takes a few minutes to complete and we will make sure that all your personal information stays confidential and will only be used for the purpose of sending money to your loved ones in the Dominican Republic.
  • You may have questions as to how you will be able to send money from the United States to the Dominican Republic so we advise you to check out our Q&A page for Dominican Republic. All the common questions can be found there so your concerns should be well addressed there.
  • Once you have understood the process, you can proceed to do a money transaction. Based on your preferences, make sure that you choose the appropriate source of funding, the money delivery mode and have noted the transfer fee that is applied to the transaction.
  • After your transaction is completed, make use of the corresponding Money Transfer Number for tracking. This can be done by both you and your recipient so that you can always know where your funds are located at any given time.

Sharemoney is undisputedly a cheap and easy way to send money to the Dominican Republic. Try us today!

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