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If you are currently working in the United States while your loved ones are living in Brazil, there are many concerns that will come to mind. One of them is how they will be able to carry on with their usual life without financial support from you. With the presence of several technologies, that problem has many solutions these days. Wouldn’t it be nice to find out how you can send money to Brazil in the fastest, cheapest way possible?

Well, there are actually many ways by which you can do that since there are many online remittance providers these days. But if you want a guaranteed fast way that costs way cheaper than what many other competitors offer, our services at Sharemoney is one you should make use of. We offer lower rates for all your online money transfers.

Why Use Sharemoney?

At Sharemoney, we give better value for your money. Apart from that, we guarantee the fastest way for your loved ones to receive your money transfers. The following reasons will specifically explain why Sharemoney is the fastest and cheapest way to send money to Brazil.

  • Large network of partner banks in Brazil

We have partnered with almost all banks in Brazil including the big names in the industry like Banco Bradesco, Caixa Economica Federal, HSBC Bank Brasil S.A. Banco Multiplo, Banco Safra, Banco Itau, Banco Do Estado Do Rio Grande Do Sul, Banco Santander Banespa, and Banco do Brasil. Of course, these are but only some of the many banks with which you can send to with a bank transfer via Sharemoney. Our partnership with these banks makes money transfers even faster and easier than you have ever imagined it to be.

  • Low transfer fees

This is what is Sharemoney is known for! Our low transfer fees start from $3.99 and we use competitive exchange rates that guarantee your loved ones will receive your remittance at the highest possible exchange rate. Your recipient does not have to pay for any other fee when they claim their remittance from our partner banks in Brazil.

How to Send Money to Brazil with Sharemoney

logos of Sharemoney's partner banks in Brazil

The process is fairly simple. With just a few things to consider, the entire process will be a breeze. Here is what you should do:

  • As the sender, you have to make sure that the bank deposit is made through one of our partner banks. Simply see our list of partner banks in Brazil above. At this time of writing, bank deposit is the only method of choice for your loved ones in Brazil. Your recipient needs to have a bank account with one of these banks in order to claim the money from the bank you have chosen.
  • Make sure that you have an account with Sharemoney. Having an account with us will help you start to make remittance transactions to your recipient’s bank account in Brazil. This will take only a fraction of your time to complete and is completely free.
  • Last but not the least – you can also give the corresponding Money Transfer Number (MTN) to your recipient or you can track the money transfer yourself using our real-time Money Tracker.

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