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Gone are the days when sending money from the US to Vietnam was such a difficult task. Now, with many different solutions available online, you can easily send money to your friends and family with just a few mouse clicks. You simply have to choose your options wisely since some may come with fees that are way over the top and solutions that do not actually help you send money to your loved ones at an instant.

The good news is you do not have to go far when it comes to sending money to your loved ones in Vietnam. At Sharemoney, you can do that easily and affordably. Find out why we are a trusted money transfer choice online!

Why Use Sharemoney to Send Money to Vietnam?

Sharemoney is a reliable website that you can use when it comes to making money transfers. We have always endeavored to help you and your loved ones enjoy the fruits of your labor by allowing you to send your hard-earned money in an instant with a fee that is cheapest among our competitors in the business.

We are proud to say that our fees start from a very minimal amount of $2.99 and vary depending on the amount you’re sending. We don’t have any currency exchange rates since we facilitate money transfers in US Dollars so your recipient can start enjoying the total amount of money you have sent them, without losing a penny on the FX rate.

Apart from charging cheap rates to send money to Vietnam, Sharemoney is also one of the easiest platforms currently available on the market. We have partnered with some of the well-known banks in Vietnam like ACB, Agri Bank, BIDV, DAB, Techcombank, Vietcombank and Vietin. Simply send money to your recipient’s bank account and the deposit can be completed in a matter of minutes. You can also choose from among the different cash pick-up locations or select the home delivery option to send your money transfer straight to your loved ones’ door.


How Do You Make Sending Money to Vietnam Even Easier?

Aside from using our various delivery options, sending money to Vietnam through Sharemoney is made even easier through the following:

  • Easy account opening with Sharemoney. Create an account with us (it’s absolutely free) and we will get your account verified as soon as possible. This process will only take a few minutes with guaranteed confidentiality for your personal information. We will verify your account information and once verified, you can start sending money to Vietnam right away.
  • Browse through our How It Works page and find out the answer to the most frequently asked questions about sending money to Vietnam through Sharemoney.
  • Once you are ready to send your money, go through our easy process where you fill out your recipient’s information and your preferred delivery and payment methods.
  • Use the Money Transfer Number (MTN) to track your money’s whereabouts once you have already sent it to your recipient. You can send the MTN to your recipient as well so they can check it through our global Sharemoney website or use it for referencing during cash pickup.

Ready to start? Send money to Vietnam now!

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