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Even though many Asian countries have been enjoying social and economic growth in recent years, Asian immigration to the United States remains on the rise. Settling in a new country is always a difficult endeavor, especially for many Asian immigrants who may have difficulties adjusting to a new language, culture and lifestyle. For many, staying in one of the best US cities for Asian immigrants has made things easier for them to assimilate into the American way of life. Here’s a look at some of the top US cities that have embraced the influx of Asian immigrants well:

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles has been a prime destination for Asian immigrants to the USA for decades. The sprawling metropolis is a cultural melting pot, yet each culture manages to retain its distinctiveness in the hustle and bustle of the city. Famous for Hollywood and its associated glamor, LA has long been the mecca of aspiring filmmakers and actors, and now it seems, immigrants. Asian immigrants will find that many of the things they miss from home are available in LA, and the large number of fellow new immigrants means that there is always someone to lend a listening ear.

Fremont, CA

Fremont is immensely popular among Asian immigrants who work in the IT industry. Fremont’s proximity to Silicon Valley, and its cheap rents and good schools have given the area a fantastic reputation amongst Asian immigrants. Fremont is also one of the few cities in the USA that has an Asian majority. New immigrants may feel comforted by the easily availability of food from their home countries and the strong immigrant support networks in the area.

New York City, NY

The Big Apple is almost like a microcosm of the world itself. With what is probably the highest cultural diversity in the world, New York continues to attract immigrants from all around the globe. Asian immigrants tend to collect in one of New York City’s Chinatowns, Queens or Flushing. NYC’s food trucks are a great reflection of the diversity this alpha world city houses. Be it Chinese, Middle Eastern or even Japanese, the food trucks of New York City will have it. Opportunities for those interested in working in the financial sector abound on Wall Street, which is another reason for the influx of immigrants.

Fairfax, VA

While neighboring Washington D.C. once had a huge population of Chinese immigrants, immigration to Fairfax County, Virginia, has since increased. Cheaper rent, good schools and a pleasant living environment make the area extremely attractive to immigrants. With its close proximity to DC, yet remaining a comfortable distance away, Fairfax County has a high median income, reflecting the plentiful job opportunities in the area. It is also surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings, and is a short drive away from several nationally protected areas.

Seattle, WA

Seattle is known for being the home of Starbucks and for its picturesque mountains. The city is also home to one of the largest Asian immigrant populations in the USA. Many immigrants work for IT companies such as Microsoft, and the standard of living in the city is generally high. The relative openness of the city and its culture make it an excellent destination or new immigrants who want to integrate quickly.

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