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Living and working in a foreign country is hard enough, but it gets especially difficult during the holiday season. In the US, the holiday season is heavily garnished with messages about family, friendship, loving, and caring, and can leave you feeling rather cold and lonely when all your loved ones are living far away.

If you’re feeling down this holiday season, here are a few tips that will make you feel closer to home

Take a trip home

Visit your home country for the holidays
Visit your home country for the holidays!

If it’s within your budget, plan a trip home for the holidays. Even if you can only get away for a few days, seeing your family face-to-face during the festivities will make your holidays truly special. This year, Sharemoney is giving 1 lucky winner a round-trip to visit their home country! Please click here to enter the giveaway!

Video Chat

If traveling home is just not an option this holiday season, the next best thing is video chat. From Skype to Facetime, there are many programs that will let you see your friends and family in real time without breaking the bank. Depending on the time zone difference, you might even be able to call them right as they enter the new year at midnight (their time) or when the kids are opening their presents. You can still be a part of the special moments when you are far away.

Cook Traditional Dishes

Nothing can make you feel as close to home as a delicious home-cooked meal that your parents made for you when you were little. Holidays are the perfect time to make an old traditional meal the flavors of which will bring you joy and nostalgia in an unfamiliar place. You can even get the recipe straight from the source – does your mom make it best? Ask her for instructions and you will be able to copy that holiday staple wherever you are.

Send a Gift

Being far away doesn’t mean gifting is off the table. Send a package or an e-card. A homemade gift is very personal and can really brighten someone’s day. Don’t forget how stressful the holiday season may be money-wise, and consider sending your loved ones the gift of money to help them out through the holidays.

Find Cultural Events Near You

Sometimes holidays don’t feel like holidays if you can’t partake in the same traditions, foods, music, and customs that you are used to. Luckily, the United States is a very diverse nation, with many cultural events happening year-round. Most of them are organized by other immigrants who want to bring everyone together and celebrate their culture. You will feel closer to home and make new friends – all while keeping your traditions alive in a new place.

Remember, it’s totally okay to feel homesick – it’s in our nature! But no matter where we are, human beings have a wonderful ability to make that place home. All it takes it a couple of old traditions.

Happy holidays!

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