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Being in a foreign country, far away from family and friends, is never an easy task. Foreign customs are not what you’re used to, the money exchange may be different, and the language can be hard to figure out. Communicating is an essential part of visiting or working in a foreign country. For example, Mexican migrant workers should always take time to learn some simple English phrases to hold conversations, helping them adapting to the new environment in the US one step at a time. Here are some examples:

Phrases Involving Introductions Or Salutations

Here are a few phrases you might need when meeting new people, saying goodbye, or for brief, simple conversation:

  • Como estas?….. How are you?
  • Bien gracias….. Good thanks.
  • Hola, cual es su nombre?….. Hello, what’s your name?
  • Mi nombre es ______….. My name is ________.
  • De donde eres?….. Where are you from?
  • Hablas español?….. Do you speak Spanish?
  • Yo no hablo inglés….. I don’t speak English.
  • Entienda?….. Do you understand?
  • Buenos días….. Good morning.
  • Buenos noches….. Good night
  • Buenos tardes….. Good afternoon.

Important Questions And Information Requests

Asking questions is the only way to find out what you need to know. Here are a few questions that might help you along throughout the day:

  • Dónde está ___________?….. Where is the ____________?
  • Insert:
  • baño….. bathroom
  • la policía….. police
  • resaurante….. restaurant
  • estación de gas….. gas station
  • oficina de correos….. post office
  • bank….. un banco
  • la calle….. the street
  • Qué hora es?….. What time is it?
  • Cuánto cuesta?….. How much does it cost?
  • Tiene?….. Do you have ____?
  • Entiende?….. Do you understand?

Making Statements

Though these could be phrased as questions, that might take longer to get the point across. Here are some brief statements that could come in handy:

  • Por favor….. Please.
  • Gracias….. Thank you.
  • Mucho gusto….. Nice to meet you.
  • Yo no entiendo….. I don’t understand.
  • Necesito un médico….. I need a Doctor.
  • Busco un hotel….. I’m looking for a hotel.
  • En la esquina….. At the corner.
  • Derecho….. Straight ahead.
  • a la derecha….. right
  • a la izquierda….. left

Phrases To Know When You Are Eating Out

Whether you’re at a restaurant or eating at someone’s house, here are a few phrases you might need:

  • Por favor, podría decirme ________?….. May I please have _______?
  • un cafe….. coffee
  • cerveza….. beer
  • agua….. water
  • hamburguesa….. hamburger
  • sopa….. soup
  • ensalada….. salad
  • un menu’….. menu
  • una mesa….. a table

As you take time to adapt to the new foreign environment here, knowing these simple English phrases should get you by in the beginning. Purchasing an inexpensive Spanish to English dictionary would also be highly recommended. Those can be found online and even if you don’t have a computer, most libraries offer temporary use of a computer through which you can order one of these dictionaries, should you not be able to find one at a store near you. Speaking of computers, do you know that you can send money from the US to Mexico for your loved ones online?

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