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As we all know, the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that took place on Saturday, April 16, 2016 devastated Ecuador’s coastal Manabi Provence and nearby areas, collapsing buildings, killing hundreds, and injuring thousands. A second earthquake took place the following Wednesday in the same region. We are very sorry to hear the sad news, and we convey our deepest sympathies with the people who have been affected by the earthquake. In order to support those who impacted by the tragedy, we are waiving all fees for any money transfers going to Ecuador in the wake of this tragedy to assist those who are sending relief money to their loved ones in this time of need.

As the online money transfer platform of Omnex Group, a licensed remitter with over 20 years of experience transferring money from the United States to countries around the world, Sharemoney’s mission is to help immigrants who live and work in the US transfer money to their loved ones back home quickly and securely. There are over 600,000 Ecuadorians living in the United States, many of whom have friends and family in Ecuador who may have been affected by the earthquake. We believe that waiving the remittance fee allows senders to remit more money and provide more relief to those who need it most.

Sharemoney is committed to helping the affected community in Ecuador recover as quickly as possible. “Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this tragedy. Some people lost their homes and life savings, and we want to do everything we can to make sure that victims get the most out of every donation. By waiving the transfer fees to Ecuador we make sure that every dollar sent goes to the people who need it most,” said Anastasia Rzhevskaya, Marketing Manager at Sharemoney.

Sharemoney will be waiving fees for the next 2 weeks, until May 2, 2016. Senders can simply enter their money transfer and recipient information on and the fees will be automatically waived.

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