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Living far away from home usually means you are not able to see your family for a very long time. When holidays come, it becomes harder for both you and your loved ones to celebrate since you cannot be together. But it doesn’t mean you can’t show your love despite the distance. For Father’s Day this year, Sharemoney shares 5 ways to celebrate with your dad. Happy Father’s Day!

Send Him a Gift

Even though you are far away from your dad, online shopping and international money transfer makes it easier to buy a gift for someone who lives abroad. Find out what he really enjoys, do some research online, and choose the best online store that can deliver your gift internationally in time for Father’s Day.

But what if the present can only be bought from abroad and you cannot find it online (such as his favorite cake from a local bakery)? Don’t worry, you can always ask your friends for help! Transfer money to one of your friends who lives not far from your dad and ask them to buy the gift you want. Don’t worry about the money transfer fee being high, since you can transfer with Sharemoney, with low fees and excellent exchange rates, and your friend will receive the funds within 24 hours!

Have the Whole Family Video Chat with Him

Long distance makes it hard to see the ones you love on holidays, but there is always a way to bring your family closer. Gather your whole family and video chat with your dad. It would be one of the best ways to tell him how much you and your family miss him. It maybe not be as good as face to face conversations, but to see you and your family on Father’s Day would mean the world to him. Many video chat programs are free (such as Skype and Google Hangouts) – so you can talk as long as you want and not have to worry about paying for international minutes.

Make a Video of Your Family

Make a video of your family and send it to your dad if your dad does not know how to use video chat or a computer. Prepare what you and your family want to say to him, and send it to him as a video message via your smartphone. If your children are old enough to talk, you could also let them say whatever they want to your dad in the video, which will surely brighten up his day!

Send Him Flowers and a Handmade Card

This may sound old-fashioned, but flowers have always been a symbol of love. There are many affordable flower delivery services – both international (like and and local in your home country, where you can place an order online. It would be a great way to show that you care. Your flowers will stay with him, blossoming for a few days, and reminding him of you.

If you have time and you have children, you could collaborate and make dad a handmade card from the whole family. Make sure everyone gets to write their wishes for Father’s Day and how much they miss him. Everyone loves handwritten letters and cards, and since this gift is so meaningful, we are sure it will be something that he will cherish forever.

Send Him Money Using Sharemoney

Parents are always the first people we should be thankful for. Father’s Day is a great time for us to do something for them. Send money to dad using Sharemoney on Father’s Day, and let him know that he could use the money to buy whatever he wants.

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