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At some point in time, most people need to send or give someone else money. It can be a friend, colleague, loved one, even a business transaction. Within the United States, it isn’t necessarily a big problem. When you start talking about sending money to Vietnam, for example, things can get a little dicey.

Fortunately, in today’s high-tech society, there are ways to safely send money to foreign countries. But, going with the wrong company can be a slippery slope. Don’t make these mistakes when sending money to foreign countries such as Vietnam.

Incorrect Details

Particularly when it refers to the receipt, filling in incorrect details can be a real problem and it’s usually a rookie mistake. It seems so simple, but one little mistake can end the entire transaction in disaster. Make sure that every period, number, and capital letter are in place. Check your spelling. Every single detail must be correct “to the letter” (as it is were).

Best Not to Use a Credit Card

Any number of send money sites today will offer you the opportunity to use your credit card for this transaction. This is not a particularly good idea. Though sending money with a credit card may seem quick and easy, not only may additional taxes be applied, but rather than a cash transfer, your card issuer may think of this as cash in advance.

Using a credit card, plain and simple, can cost you extra money in fees, taxes, and more.

Not Being Familiar with Reliable “Send Money” Services

Fortunately, we can help you with that. At the end of this piece, you will be introduced to one of the safest, easiest, quickest, and most secure sites through which to send money to foreign countries (from the United States of America).

If you asked around for a way to send money, you may have been led down the wrong path. Don’t follow someone else’s lead blindly. Check it out before you go with any suggested money sending site.

Having No Idea Regarding the Exchange Rate

Once again, at the end of this piece, you will be introduced to a reliable “send money site” that has available all of the current exchange rates. They also offer some of the best fees when it comes to sending money to foreign countries.

Serious money can be saved on your transfer by finding the best exchange rates possible. Astonishingly, many applications and locations vary their exchange rates (i.e., banks, agencies, etc.).

No Advance Planning

One would think that it isn’t even possible to complete a transaction such as this without some kind of advanced planning. But people do manage all sorts of things in this world without much planning at all. When you’re sending money to a foreign country, that is a huge mistake. Plan, check your details, and then check them again. We’re talking about money here. You want it to be safe, as well as your financial information. Planning ahead also affords you the best rates.

The best way to see to it that you don’t run into any snags or hitches when sending money to Vietnam is to do so through We offer quick, easy, and secure methods of money transfers to foreign countries. Many times, in fact, there is more than one option available regarding pickup for the person receiving the money. Click here to find out more about sending money to Vietnam safely and securely.

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