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In terms of nominal GDP, Nigeria has the 30th largest economy in the world. With Lagos as its main commercial hub, Nigeria has expanding entertainment, technology, communications, service, financial, and manufacturing sectors. However, a substantial portion of its economic growth also comes from the overall wealth generated by Nigerians who were working abroad, in countries such as the United States.

It is common to find Nigerians working abroad and sending money remittances back home to their family members and loved ones. If you need to send remittances to Nigeria, you may be pleased to know that it is now easy to do so via online platforms like Sharemoney. Our company is constantly striving to increase the convenience of such services. If you are planning to send money to Skye Bank Plc. in Nigeria, check out the following information to get started on the right track:

About Skye Bank Plc

Skye Bank is a reputable financial services provider located in Central Africa and West Africa. It is currently headquartered in Nigeria and owns several subsidiaries in Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Liberia, the Republic of Guinea, the Gambia, and Sierra Leone. Skye Bank is also the product of the merger of Prudent Merchant Bank Limited, Co-operative Bank Plc., Reliance Bank Limited, Bond Bank Limited, and EIB International Bank Plc. Today, Skye Bank Plc. owns more than 373 cash centers and branches across Nigeria. They offer premium financial services and is recognized for having one of the most hitch-free and smoothest integration processes recorded in the Nigerian Banking industry.

Bank Swift Code: PRDTNGLAXXX

How Sharemoney Makes it Easier to Send Money Remittance to Nigeria

You can use Sharemoney to effortlessly send money to your loved ones in Nigeria because we have built an extensive network of Nigerian banks. You can rest assured that this is a straightforward method, which allows you to send money remittances with exceptional ease. Simply choose a bank that provides the convenience you and your recipients seek.

Which Funding Option is Recommended?

You can fund your transfers via credit card or pay through your bank. If you do not wish to repeat the same verification processes all over again or pay for additional fees that come with credit card usage, it is recommended that you pay via debit card. It is hassle-free and cheaper than the rest of the options. You do not have to deal with fees that your credit card company charges and more.

How to Initiate Your First Money Remittance Transaction

In order to start sending remittances, you need to register a free account with us. Oftentimes, the registration process will only take up 60 seconds of your time. When you fill up our form, make sure your identification details are accurate. We will need the information to facilitate present and future transactions. Before you submit any transaction requests, do double check your recipient and payment details. In many cases, you will only spend two minutes to complete each transaction. If you are using our services for the first time, do allow several days for us to conduct the initial verification procedure.

Send money remittance online to Skye Bank in Nigeria today and enjoy excellent USD to Naira exchange rates on the market!

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