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Being away from your loved ones in El Savador can be very difficult when you are working alone in the United States. While you miss them, you are also worried if they are doing fine financially. Many Savadorians make it a point to send money back home every month so that they can provide for their loved ones, but the high charges associated with some money remittance services can deter them from doing so.

Today, the easy choice is to send money to your loved ones in El Salvador using Sharemoney. Our online platform allows you to use various delivery methods to El Salvador to send money remittances to your family and friends. We have partnered with Citi Remesas as one of the banks for our bank deposit methods so you can send money to a Citi Remesas bank account at any time of the day.

About Citi Remesas

Citi Remesas has been serving Salvadorians for over thirty years now and it has continued to offer the best in banking services in the whole country. Citi Remesas is a subsidiary of the banking giant, Citibank, and recently Houston-based Transnetwork Corporation has acquired the assets of Citi Remesas. Transnetwork Corporation itself is a leading brand in cross border payment processing, and has a huge presence in the many Central American countries, including El Salvador.

Bank Swift Code: BACUSVSS

The Perks of Sending Money to El Salvador through Sharemoney

In the past, working in the United States might make it hard for you to send money to your loved ones in El Salvador. Sharemoney, however, has put an end to all those difficulties. By paying a minimum fee of $4.99, your loved ones in El Salvador can now get the chance to receive money fast from you – whether for emergency purposes or for your children’s education or for your house mortgage payment back home. Add to that, you can send USD to your loved ones at no additional charge. This means that your relatives and friends will receive the money you sent in full!

Choosing Citi Remesas to Send Money to Your Loved Ones in El Salvador

As one of our major partner banks in El Salvador, Citi Remesas remains to be one of the most reliable financial institutions that you can use to send a money remittance. Start by opening a free account with us. Click on the ‘Get Started’ button and from there, you simply need to fill up the account information form. We will then verify your account immediately to allow you to send the money that your recipient needs.

Funding Your Fund Transfer is Easy

All you need to do is choose from three of the options available. One is funding the transaction through your bank account (which will need verification if it is your first time). This can take up to 72 hours though but will only take less than 24 hours for your subsequent transactions with us. You can choose to use your credit card but this will incur a cash advance charge from your credit card issuer. For faster and cheaper transfers, we recommend that you use your debit card as it does not incur any additional charges and will only take minutes to complete the transaction.

Once you have funded your transaction successfully, you can now inform your loved ones that you have already sent them the money they need. Make sure you give them the Money Transfer Number or MTN so they too can check the money’s transfer status. Do advise them to use our global Sharemoney website to track the transfer.

You can start sending to a Citi Remesas bank account today – Click here!

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