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Good news to all Peruvians living in the US who want to send money online to their loved ones in Peru. You can now use Sharemoney, the online money transfer service on Omnex Group, Inc., to let your recipients enjoy your hard-earned money. When sending money to this country, you have two options; namely through bank deposit and cash pickup. We have partnered with two of the major banks in Peru, one of which is Banco de Credito Del Peru. Learn about how you can use this bank for sending money remittances to Peru.

About Banco de Credito Del Peru

This Peruvian bank is the largest bank in the country. Founded more than a century ago on April 1889, it is also the oldest bank in Peru as well. During its first 52 years, it was known as Banco Italiano. It was only in February 1942 when it was called as Banco de Credito del Peru. Expanding its business, branches were opened in Nassau and in New York City. Now, it continues to offer banking, securities, and insurance products among its portfolio of financial services to its loyal customers.

Swift Code: BCPLPEPL

About Sharemoney’s Remittance Services to Peru

Sharemoney is now serving around 10 countries over the world. With our continued promise to widen our horizons in the world of money transfer services, we have opened doors to remittance services in Peru. Through major banks like Banco de Credito del Peru, your recipients can begin enjoying the money you want to send them.

How to Send Money via Sharemoney to Banco de Credito del Peru

First, you have to register a free account with us. Fill up the form with the necessary information required. We recommend that you double check the information you key-in on the page for ease of account verification. From there, you can choose to send money to Banco de Credito del Peru using any of the following choices.

  • One is through making a bank deposit to your recipient’s bank account with this major partner bank. You can ask your recipient for his bank account information then send the money directly to his bank account via Sharemoney’s online portal.
  • Another is through cash pickup. Choosing this option will allow your recipient to receive the cash you are sending even if he does not have a bank account with the institution.

Choosing the Correct Funding Option

Of course, when you want to send money to your loved ones in Peru via Banco de Credito del Peru, you must also be able to fund the transfer. You can choose to use your bank account (this will need verification) to send cash to your loved ones in Peru. You can also opt to use your debit or credit card. Additional fees, apart from the standard transfer charge, will be charged by your credit card company.

For a minimum fee that starts from $4.99, your recipient will be able to receive the money you sent without any reduction. Take note though that he or she will receive the money in dollars. Your recipient can then choose to have it converted once he or she gets hold of the cash. Additionally, you can ask her or him to check Sharemoney’s global website to learn more about how transfers are facilitated.

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