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Costa Rica prides itself on a whole lot of things. It is famous for its Spanish heritage and widely recognized for its Human Development Index, ranking as the highest among Latin American nations. Although it is also known for being one of the top producers of coffee all over the world, a number one contributor to its economy, many still face the challenges of poverty.

Due to financial reasons, many Costa Ricans are moving out of the country to work abroad. If you are one of those aspiring for a better future for your family, you may have taken this route. It must have been a hard decision to make, especially when you are constantly thinking about the loved ones you have left behind. Sending money to them is one of the options you have to make them feel that you are there for them. Do you know that Sharemoney has convenient cash pickup locations in Costa Rica for your loved ones to receive your money remittance?

Why Choose Sharemoney when Sending Money to Your Loved Ones in Costa Rica?

Sharemoney is a great option to send money online to Costa Rica. This is because:

  • We offer an avenue where you can send money to your loved ones in Costa Rica at a cheap cost. All you need to do is pay $3.99 for your transaction. There are no hidden charges and you can be assured your loved ones will receive the cash you sent them in full. From there, they can choose to convert it to the Costa Rican Colὁn currency.
  • It is a convenient choice. Apart from the fact that it can save you money, Sharemoney also makes sure you can save time when sending money to your loved ones in Costa Rica. You no longer have to leave your place of work to do this especially during emergencies. Add to that, you can fund your transfer using either your bank account or your credit card or debit card. For questions regarding the process, refer to our How it Works page.

Our Convenient Cash Pickup Locations in Costa Rica

There are times when your loved ones do not have any bank account where you can send the remittance through. In order to solve this predicament, we also help your recipients benefit from cash pickup locations in Costa Rica so you can choose the location most convenient for your loved ones to receive the cash. In this regard, we currently have three options. First is cash pickup through Banco Nacional/TeleDolar. Another is through Citi Remesas. The last option is via TeleDolar Expresso SA.

How to Make the Transfer More Convenient for Your Loved Ones

You can do this by advising your loved ones that you are sending money to them. Make sure that you are familiar with how the process works so you can tell them when they can get the cash from the locations we have mentioned above. Additionally, you can tell your recipient about the Money Transfer Number (MTN) so that they themselves can track where the money is. All they need to do is access our global website where they can enter the MTN to find out about the latest fund status.

Send Money Online Now to Costa Rica with Our Cash Pickup Delivery Method!


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